LimeCrime Perlees

From Unicorn Lipsticks to Velvetines, LimeCrime lipsticks have always been a favourite of mine, their up and coming ranges continue to be more beautiful and unique than ever before. Now they have blessed the world with Perlees. The metallic 90’s style range launched in December 2015 with 6 shades and launched the 7th shade ‘Lady’ in January 2016.

As a makeup hoarder I wanted to purchase the collection as soon as I saw it, if not for the vivid range of colours than for the gorgeous packaging alone. I have always loved how LimeCrime packages their items and the floral designed packaging on the Perlees made me want them for my collection even more. I’m also completely obsessed with the delivery boxes that they send out as you can turn them inside out to reveal a floral patterned box that you can keep to store anything you desire.

IMG_037410/10 for packaging, shipping and delivery!

Like most people I love getting a great deal when it comes to makeup and when I received an email telling me I could purchase all 7 of these brand new lipsticks for £70 I literally couldn’t say no. The lipsticks retail on the LimeCrime website at $18 which is the equivalent to about £12-£13, without the bundle they would have cost £84 without shipping.

As I live in the UK I usually don’t shop directly on the LimeCrime website due to shipping and waiting times, unless there is a special offer on or I am making a large order over £50 as the delivery is free! Love-Makeup is a UK LimeCrime stockist, I have ordered from them a number of times with no problems at all, they have a large amount of the products and shades in stock and the items are always delivered within a couple of days from ordering.

IMG_0384Asphalt (Grey-Brown), Denim (Denim Blue), Gemma (Taupe Brown), Lady (Strawberry Red), Mirage (Mauve Pink), Penny (Bright Copper), Third Eye (Mulberry Red)

Asphalt (Grey-Brown), Denim (Denim Blue), Gemma (Taupe Brown), Lady (Strawberry Red), Mirage (Mauve Pink), Penny (Bright Copper), Third Eye (Mulberry Red)

I ordered my Perlees Ultimate Bundle and it got to me in exactly a week, which from America is pretty good going. LimeCrime has a great delivery tracker that allows you see exactly where your parcel is in the world which gives you the peace of mind to know when it’s going to get to you.

When my parcel arrived I was so excited and definitely not disappointed! Ironically it arrived whilst I was in the middle of doing my makeup to go out for dinner so I chose the shade ‘Gemma’ to wear for the night to properly review all aspects of the product. The new formulae gives you matte stay power but the lipstick is extremely moisturising, it didn’t feel sticky or glossy to touch and left a pearlescent/metallic finish on my lips. It stayed on whilst I ate and drank and kept my lips moisturised and the colour didn’t bleed.

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks to anyone who is wanting to try something new, they are unlike any other product that I have used before and can’t wait to use them all in the next few weeks. My favourite thing about them is the way that you can build up the colour on your lips, you can take the colour from a dewey glow to an intense pop of colour, whichever you prefer!

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