After the popularity of my Valentine’s Day post I’ve decided to do a similar post about the new Mother’s Day range at Lush. I absolutely love the new collection especially the choice of gifts, perfect for a really deserving mum no matter what your budget is, I can’t wait to spoil mine! Hopefully this post should help some people out when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas and all the products that are available to buy for a deserving mum or to treat yourself! So heres a look at all of the limited edition products by themselves, the all year round products that help make up the gift sets and the full gift sets for this years Mother’s Day collection.

Products – Exclusive to Mother’s Day

Sunrise Soap, Yummy Mummy Shower Cream and Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Sunrise Soap – £4.25 for 100g
This soap reminds me of orange Calippo ice lollies and automatically makes me think of the spring and summer that we are slowly approaching. The core of this soap is Murumuru butter that makes your skin so incredibly soft. Definitely my new favourite! Main ingredients include Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Marigold Petal Infusion, Murumuru Butter, Sicilian Mandarin Oil and Tangerine Oil. This product is Vegan.

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream – £4.95 100g, £9.75 250g, £16.50 500g, £27.95 1kg
This gorgeously purple Shower Cream is so incredibly beautiful and makes you smell so yummy. By changing the Shower Gel from last years range to a Shower Cream the product can be used for much longer for you to enjoy every last squeeze. They did this as a body conditioner last year and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever used so I’m hoping that next year it could possibly make a comeback. Main ingredients include Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Geranium Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil and Tonka Absolute. This product is Vegan.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb – £3.95
This is such an amazing creation! The stunning rose scent paired with the hot pink water with yellow rose petals spilling out into the tub makes it bath to remember. So beautifully sweet and I love the rose details on the Bath Bomb design. Perfect for a therapeutic bath with a little something extra inside. Main ingredients include Fine Sea Salt, Yellow Rose Petals, Rose Absolute and Rose Oil. This product is Vegan.

Sunflower Bubble Bar, Ladybird Bubble Bar and Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar

Sunflower Bubble Bar – Exclusive to the Ladybird, Mum and Happy Mother’s Day Gifts
This oversized beauty is filled with Lemon and Orange oils that can lift and enhance your mood, with enough for 4-6 gorgeous bubbly baths. I’m loving all the gift exclusive products from Lush this year as they’re adding something limited edition to certain gifts which is great for Lush fans and enthusiasts! Main ingredients include Cornflour, Sunflower Petals and Sicilian Lemon Oil. This product is Vegan.

Ladybird Bubble Bar – £3.95
.Absolutely adorable. Not only do these look to good to break but they give you two incredible pink/purple baths. With Geranium for a fruity scent and a hint of Peppermint for a little bit of a kick. This product is also made with Cornflour that makes your bath water super soft and leaves your skin moisturised. Main ingredients include Cream of Tartar, Conflour, Geranium Oil and Peppermint Oil. This product is Vegan.

Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar – £4.95
This reusable bubble bar transforms your bath into a large tea cup, by dunking it into the bath or holding it under the tap it releases a gorgeous blend of floral scent. With petals hidden inside the core for a super special soak. The main ingredients include Rosewood Oil, Neroli Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine Absolute and Snowflake Lustre. This product is Vegan.

Products – All Year Round (inside Gifts)

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, A French Kiss Bubble Bar and Honeybee Bath Bomb

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon – £3.75
The Bubbleroons are such an amazing product concept with the Shea Butter to make you extra soft and the gorgeous Yuzu and Cocoa scent to make you smell fantastic. It leaves you with incredibly soft moisturised skin with a scent so good that you could eat it! The main ingredients include Cornflour, Avocado Butter, Fresh Organic Fair Trade Banana, Cocoa Absolute and Grapefruit Oil. This product is Vegan.

A French Kiss Bubble Bar – £4.25
A bath filled with purple Lavender bubbles is exactly what you need to relax and pamper yourself, great for anyone that has any stresses in their life. So extremely fragrant and big enough for two baths so it can be enjoyed more than once or can be used for one huge bubbly magical bath! The main ingredients include Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Thyme Oil, Lavender Absolute and Lavender Sprig. This product is Vegan.

Honeybee Bath Bomb – £3.50
The best Bath product for sensitive skin, the Honey as the main ingredient is really protective for your skin and still gives you the most colourful yellow bath. This is great to try as your first Bath Bomb if you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin and are worried that you could possibly have a reaction to something. The main ingredients include Honey, Aloe Vera Extract, Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Sweet Wild Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil.

Twilight Bath Bomb, Think Pink Bath Bomb and Sakura Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb – £3.50
This is my Mums all time favourite Lush product, it goes from pink to blue in the bath to leave you in a purple bath of sparkly lustre. Created to chill you out and help you settle off to sleep feeling gorgeous and secure. Perfect after a long day or a stressful week, so well suited for any Mum. The main ingredients include Cream of Tartar, Lavender Oil, Tonka Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil. This product is Vegan.

Think Pink Bath Bomb – £2.65
The ultimate princess bath, a hot pink fizzier that spills out hundreds of confetti hearts into your bath. With a super sweet candy fragrance it makes you feel and smell amazing. One of my all time favourites and the best product to lift your mood and give you a bath you’ll never forget. The main ingredients include Lavender Oil, Tonka Absolute, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute and Neroli Oil. The product is Vegan.

Sakura Bath Bomb – £3.50
Although this product isn’t as vibrant or colourful as you would expect it to be, it’s one of the most relaxing and calming Bath Bombs that you could choose. With a cherry blossom fragrance and a pastel pink water to match it’s a perfect bath time treat especially for a week deserving Mum. The main ingredients include Fine Sea Salt, Lemon Oil, Mimosa Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute and Jasmine Absolute. This product is Vegan.

Guardian Of The Forest Bath Bomb, Intergalactic Bath Bomb and Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb

Guardian Of The Forest Bath Bomb – £3.95
Dive into a green paradise, the bathing in a magical pool in the middle of a forest. This Bath Bomb is beautiful and it smells incredible, both calming for your mood and exciting to watch fizz away in your tub, this is perfect at any time of the day. The main ingredients include Cypress Oil, Lime Oil, Rosewood Oil and Oakmoss Absolute. This product is Vegan.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb – £3.95
My all time favourite Bath Bomb, if you’ve never tried one then you need to treat yourself as it’ll really change your life. The strong minty scent is incredible and the amount of the glitter packed inside makes your bath look like a galaxy. The deep blue colour mixed with the hints of pink and yellow makes it the best product to Instagram as you get the most beautiful photographs from it. The main ingredients include Peppermint Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Popping Candy. This product is Vegan.

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb – £3.95
Super meditative and relaxing, watch the colours change from orange to purple and green with a vivid sparkle of lustre. Inspired by Japanese meditation this product really does take you to another place and the sandalwood oil creates a sanctuary of calm in your bath. The main ingredients include Cassie Absolute, Olibanum Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Snowflake Lustre and Gold Glimmer Lustre . This product is Vegan.

Beautiful Shower Gel, Respect Your Elders Soap and African Paradise Body Conditioner

Beautiful Shower Gel – £4.95 100g, £9.75 250g, £16.50 500g, £27.95 1kg
Sharing a scent with the well loved 100 Kisses Perfume this shower gel is a fruity and warming lather to make you feel as beautiful as it looks. I love the Lustre sparkles inside the bottle as it looks so magical and the scent is one of my favourites! The main ingredients include Apricot Infusion, Fresh Peach Juice and Gold Glimmer Lustre. This product is Vegan.

Respect Your Elders Soap – £3.50 for 100g
This soap is relatively new to Lush but it’s my all time favourite, the Elderflower and Berry scent is incredible and I’m constantly smelling it on my shifts at work. It leaves your skin so silky and soft and the scent locks into your skin so you’ll smell amazing after using this product. The main ingredients include Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Elderflower Infusion, Elderberries and Bergamot Oil. This product is Vegan.

African Paradise Body Conditioner – £19.95
To anyone that hasn’t tried a Lush body conditioner before, you have not lived. They’re quite a luxury due to their pricee but nothing makes you feel more gorgeous before a night out or if you just want to pamper yourself. To really treat myself I sometimes use this to shave my legs as it’s amazing and you feel like a slippery baby dolphin and smell fantastic! This product is perfect inside a gift for a well deserving mum to make her feel extra beautiful. The main ingredients are Almond Oil, Moringa Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Fresh Mango Juice and Ylang Ylang Oil. This product is Vegan.

Helping Hands Hand Cream, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter and Love and Light Hand Cream

Helping Hands Hand Cream – £7.95
Originally formulated for nurses or for people that wash their hands constantly, this i sky all time favourite hand cream from Lush as it does exactly what you need it to from the smallest amount. I love the scent and the antiseptic Honey and Lavender as main ingredients make it a perfect quick fix for your hands. The main ingredients are Chamomile Water, Linseed Mucilage, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Honey and Lavender Oil.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – £6.95
A super magical balm for made for hands, nails and any other areas that need some attention. A little tiny bit goes a long away and it’s amazing to use just before you go to bed to let it sink into any problem areas! The main ingredients are Fresh Organic Lemon Infusion, Beeswax, Lanolin, Organic Avocado Oil, Mango Butter and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Love and Light Hand Cream – £7.95
The newest Hand Cream creation from Lush is so rich and beautiful, the fruity and floral scent makes it my all time favourite cream to have on my hands. It keeps your skin bright, soft, shiny and moisturised and is full of uplifting ingredients. The main ingredients are Organic Jojoba Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Neroli Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil and Orange Flower Absolute. This product is Vegan.



Love You Mum – £10.95
Products inside: Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, A French Kiss Bubble Bar
The most inexpensive yet beautiful gift, I love the butterfly printed paper on the gift and for just over £10 it’s perfect for any budget. With enough products inside for 3 stunning baths it’s fantastic for a deserving Mum. With a mixture of scents from Rosemary to Lavender this gift is the perfect treat.


Ladybird – £15.50
Products inside: Honeybee Bath Bomb, Ladybird Bubble Bar, Sunflower Bubble Bar
With two limited edition Mother’s Day products inside and one completely limited edition to the gift sets this collection of bath time treats is really something special. With a springtime look and packaging this gift can be given to anyone to brighten their day. The gentle mixture of products are perfect for sensitive skin and for someone who could be quite reluctant to trying something new, with enough choice to find the perfect product for the best Mother’s Day treat.


Thanks Mum – £15.95
Products inside: Beautiful Shower Gel, Sunrise Soap, African Paradise Body Conditioner
A gorgeous mixture of uplifting and summertime scents for a Mum that needs a mood boost, great for either the shower or the bath and for her to feel fabulous from head to toe! Such an amazing price for the amount of products that you get in there as they can all be used over and over again for her to really feel the benefit of the gift. The wrapping paper is so unique and is perfect for any budget.


Just For Mum – £23.50
Products inside: Intergalactic Bath Bomb, Twilight Bath Bomb, Guardian Of The Forest Bath Bomb, Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb, Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
This my choice Mum this year! My Mum’s favourite Lush products are the bath bombs with Twilight as her all time favourite so this gift is perfect for her. I love the Vintage style box design for this and it can be kept to store lots of lovely things after using the gift! The choice of Bath Bombs is amazing as they are all so vibrant and therapeutic to watch in the bath and they are all so different. The best gift for a bath lover!


Mum – £27.95
Products inside: Sakura Bath Bomb, Sunflower Bubble Bar, Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, Respect Your Elders Soap, Love And Light Hand Cream, Ladybird Bubble Bar
To treat mum from head to toe. A wonderful mixture of treats all of which can be used more than once (besides Sakura), to give a long time feeling of love. I love the wrapping of this gift and think it’s well suited to any kind of mum to give them a little bit of a pamper just when they need it. Make mum feel appreciated for under £30!


Happy Mother’s Day – £35.50
Products inside: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, Sunrise Soap, Think Pink Bath Bomb, Helping Hands Hand Cream, Sunflower Bubble Bar, Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
This gift is so special, from the seeded paper flowers on the inside to the large re-usable tin hamper that can be kept it’s one of the best Mother’s Day gifts that Lush has ever created. I love the range of products inside from the Limited Edition products to the All Year Round well loved products, this gift is great for some serious pamper time and to really show your Mum that she is loved.

Fancy putting your own gift together? Take a look at the Mother’s Day knot wraps to finish it off perfectly.
Bright Bouquet Knot Wrap – £4.50
Pretty As A Picture Knot Wrap – £4.50


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