2016 was a year of great losses but reflecting on the past year has put so much into perspective for me. I’m so grateful for every experience I have had over the year, it’s shaped me into the young woman that I am very proud to be. I spent it in great company and although I’ve had ups and downs I can look back on the last year and smile. Here’s to hoping that everyone had a fantastic New Year celebration surrounded by the people that you love the most, I’m so glad that I did! Here are the things that I have learnt in 2016, it’s been one I won’t forget!

I’m stronger than I thought I was…
2016 was not easiest due to falling and injuring my spine in January, this came with a lot of treatment and medication and it changed my life both physically and emotionally. I received so much support from family and friends and it felt like I was going to struggle with pain for the rest of my life. I spent a lot of time alone in my house unable to move which gave me horrendous anxiety, I genuinely felt trapped in my own home and would just sit and panic all day long which did not help my recovery process one bit. One thing it has helped me realise is when I’m feeling anxious and when I’m not myself, I used to keep those feelings to myself which made things worse and triggered unexplained anxiety attacks at the most inconvenient times. This year I’ve really worked on explaining how I’m feeling to people, anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and now I am much more comfortable explaining that to my friends and family. I found inner and outer strength over the last year and thankfully my back injury has improved so much that I’m rarely struggling with pain at all, fingers crossed this continues in 2017!


Working hard pays off…
This year I returned to University for the final year of my degree, for the majority of 2016 I was busy completing my year in industry. This meant I was working 6 or 7 days a week for an entire year which was completely exhausting, I was so excited to return back to Uni after a break but was a bit worried to adjust back to living away from home. To be completely honest my first semester at University was absolute hell, I hardly ate or slept and had no time to myself, if it wasn’t for all of the girls on my course going through the same thing I don’t know how I’d have gotten through it. I also had to continue working and find time to spend with my boyfriend, friends and family which was not easy but it was definitely worth it! I’m looking forward to the next 6 months to finish my degree and to absolutely smash my final collection and to hopefully get into Graduate Fashion Week! I pushed myself past my own limits but the results were phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier with what I produced.


To always make time for adventures…
2016 was the year of mine and my boyfriends first proper holiday together, we spent just under 2 weeks in Gran Canaria and had the most amazing time! Although this meant him missing his graduation ceremony but I’ll be sure to lend him my hat and gown at mine this year for a photo to apologise. We stayed in the most beautiful hotel and spent some well needed quality time together as we both work extremely hard and have awkward working schedules. I’m hoping we can book another holiday for this year to explore somewhere beautiful and new together, I would certainly recommend a trip there if you’ve not been before! It was genuinely one of the most stunning places in the world that I had been to, there were cactus’s plants and flowers everywhere and we got so many amazing photos!

I also went to Dublin for the weekend with some of my all time best friends to celebrate Jack’s birthday (we have the same birthday so did lots of celebrating this year)! It was literally the LONGEST weekend of my life with a severe lack of sleep, all we ate was Mcdonald’s and ended up spending 14 Euros for a vodka and coke on our night out but it was such a fab weekend! I’m always guaranteed to have the best night outs with my friends and this was definitely worth it all, here’s to hoping we can go on more adventures in 2017!


There’s always room for one more…
Not only did I only find out I was becoming an Auntie for the third time this year but I had the pleasure of being my sisters birthing partner. This was a complete honour and I cannot even explain the emotional ups and downs of bringing a child into the world, she was in labour for 3 days. So we were awake for 3 days with no sleep, not much food and lot of panic but when he came it was totally worth it. Holding a new born in your arms is one of the most incredible experiences, you completely fall in love with them then and there and know you’ll do whatever is in your power to protect them. Sam was born on the 26th of September with a head full of dark hair and blue eyes, he has brought so much happiness into our lives and my family and I are so blessed.


To always find time for my friends…
We may all have incredibly busy lifestyles and live up and down the UK but this year I’ve made even more amazing memories with my favourite people in the world! From drunken nights out to fits of laughter having a massive catchup over tea. I’m so proud of everything they achieved this year, from graduating University to getting amazing jobs, they inspire me to push myself further and we all have an unbreakable bond that can not be measured in how often we see each other. They all found the time to come home to celebrate my 21st birthday which made me so happy and I cannot wait to see what opportunities this year will bring us all, I love them dearly like my brothers and sisters and really don’t know what I would do without them.


To allow myself to fall even more in love…
I started and ended 2016 in the same place with the love of my life, this year has been incredible and we’ve experienced so many new things together. I’m so proud of everything he’s achieved by himself and what we’ve achieved together and I cannot wait for another year of amazing memories with my best friend. In 2016 we celebrated our 6th Christmas and 6th New Years Eve together and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d have rather spent it with. He’s such a good uncle to my nephews and we can literally talk to each other about anything, I’m hoping this year will be our best yet!

Trying something new could change my life…
This was the year that I started my blog! It’s been a fantastic year and I’ve dedicated a lot of time into it, I have so many goals for my blog over the next year but I’m overly happy with my content and views considering the fact that I do a full time degree and also work. I really want to ramp up my blog once I have graduated but for now I’m keeping it consistent and I’ll be doing a separate post for my blogs 1 year birthday outlining what I want to achieve in 2017. To everyone who has contributed to my blog in it’s first year from reading my posts and leaving comments I am so grateful, I had never imagined that people would genuinely be interested in what I had to say and it gives me so much confidence to continue and watch it grow over the next year!


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