Lime Crime have been a favourite cosmetic company of mine for about 5 years now, although they are insanely famous due to their lip products I feel like everyone needs one of their eyeshadow palettes in their life. The Venus palettes are both affordable, long lasting and ridiculously pigmented to a completely different level, if you’re looking to try out something new then I couldn’t recommend these more. The variation of looks that you can create with them is insane and whether you’re just starting to play around with makeup or you’re at a higher level these two palettes will be an amazing addition to your collection.

The packaging and design of the palettes is inspired by Mash Botticelli’s classical painting mixed with the rebellion of the early 90s according to their website. I love the unique design and the hint of the colours inside on the front. The palettes packaging is strong and seals shut with a magnet to keep all of the loveliness inside, they also both come with a mirror which I always find very important for palettes as I use many of mine on the go and a mirror makes things so much easier! Both palettes are cruelty free and vegan which is an added bonus.


When it comes to buying Lime Crime products there are two options. You can buy from the official Lime Crime website which I have done myself many times, delivery usually takes up to a week but the boxes that your items come in are absolutely stunning and every order I have placed has been in perfect condition with no customs charge! On the website the palettes are priced at $34.00 with shipping at $10.95 so altogether it would cost about £37.00 for just one palette. Shopping on the official website also gives you the best deals on any sale items or current discounts too, for example the two palettes are currently on offer on the website in a discounted bundle for $53.00 saving you $15.00 with added postage making it £54.00 for the two including delivery!

If you don’t fancy waiting that long for your items then the palettes are also available at Cult Beauty, I’ve spoken about this website before as I have also placed a few Lime Crime specific orders through it! On this website the palettes are priced at £28.00 with a £3.95 delivery charge or free delivery if you spend over £40, in my experience that items have been delivered in 3 days at the very latest. From the two options it works out that you’re pretty much paying the same amount, the deciding factor is if you want the fancy box and to wait a week but if you’re too inpatient like me and aren’t too fussed it’s easier to order through a UK stockist!




The original Venus palette is so versatile, it’s a mixture of nude shades with a hint of peaches and reddy tones. From a nude smokey eye to a bold burnt orange eye look the possibilities are endless, even if you’re just starting to experiment with makeup and different looks this palette gives you all the basics to have a play with. The shade range works perfectly on all skin tones too as the colours can be easily blended together and the light and dark shades can help to get your desired finished eye look.


Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Venus – A soft pinky brown to open up your eyes, lovely for your lower lash line
Shell – Gentle peach tone, perfect to subtly warm up your crease for a daytime look
Aura – Gorgeous base shade and can also be used as a blinding highlighter too
Creation – An intense brick red shade, very versatile for all skin tones
Icon – A dark chocolate brown that gives you the option of a sultry smokey eye
Rebirth – A deep peached pink for a bold and unique look
Divine – My go to transition colour, fantastic for fair skin as it’s not too dark or orange
Muse – Deep red maroon shade, stunning for an Autumn shade to make your eyes pop


My three stand out shades from this palette have to be Aura, Rebirth and Muse. Aura is just the prettiest colour even by itself in the daytime, it’s great for a really simple look and can be used to highlight, I love putting it on my cupids bow for some extra definition. Rebirth is a beautiful colour that really highlights my eye colour and is stunning when I wear it with a nude lip. Muse has to be my most favourite from all of the colours, deep maroons and reds are a serious obsession of mine as this shade really compliments my fair skin for an exciting warm makeup look.




The Venus II palette is a little bit more daring, the mixture of colours are very bold and unique yet still aren’t too frightening to try out! The benefit of having the two palettes is having a selection of nudes from Venus to blend together with a pop of colour from the Venus II to create something beautiful but this palette alone can still be used to create more unusual and exciting looks.


Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Pigeon – A two toned grey shade with a pink and green reflection, so unique
Filter – A pop of periwinkle for your eyes, looks great paired with a dark lip
Marsh – A soft green colour, gorgeous to try out on your eyes for something new and unusual
Mustard – This is the perfect Autumn/Winter shade, stunning for brown eyes
Fly – A soft mix of yellow and green tones for an unusual and subtle hint of colour
Jam – Burnt orange smokey eye heaven, gorgeous shade for blue eyes
Mud – Brown shade, perfect for a warm smokey eye that’s not too intense
Boot – The darkest black with a purple glitter, amazing for your lower lash line


My three stand out shades from this palette are Pigeon, Filter and Mustard. Pigeon is just so unique and beautiful, I can’t even compare it to any other eyeshadow I have ever used as there’s just something so special about it. Filter again is an unusual colour that really excites me, although it appears quite intense it can easily be softened up with a blending brush and is beautiful along my lower lash line. The Mustard shade in this palette is my entire life, I don’t think I’ve loved an eyeshadow more. It’s stunning to wear as my eyes are dark brown and it really makes then pop and is a perfect Autumn shade to wear on the eyes.

The only way that both of the palettes could be improved is the option of a brush or even a slot to keep an eyeshadow brush. This isn’t too much of a problem but if you are intending on using it on the go you just need to keep in mind to have a brush or two handy! A fluffy blending brush of your choice is key with these palettes as the colours are very bright yet blend out really easily, I tend to use a brush from one of my Urban Decay Naked Palettes due to it being double sided to pack on the colour and then blend it out but brush options vary from person to person so don’t feel like you need a necessary brand of brushes to create a perfect look!

Overall these palettes are both affordable, unique and offer a fantastic range of shades with different finishes. I’ve been using them both for over 6 months and as you can see the pans still look untouched, I couldn’t recommend them enough and if you fancy treating yourself when January pay day finally comes I would definitely pop one of these into your online basket, you will not regret it!


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    There packaging is so nice! I have just followed your blog and would love you to follow me back and check out my posts💗x

    • 17th January 2017 / 5:43 PM

      Thanks so much lovely, will take a look at your blog and follow back now!xxxx

  2. 17th January 2017 / 12:24 PM

    Love my Venus 1. Can’t wait to pick up the second one!

    • 17th January 2017 / 5:44 PM

      I had my Venus I first and then had to buy the second!!! It’s definitely worth it xxxxx

  3. 23rd January 2017 / 10:31 PM

    Hey I love these palettes too! Thanks so much for your UK stockist information, had no idea this website even existed! will definitely be using it at the end of january! 😉 x

  4. 12th May 2017 / 12:27 PM

    I have the Venus 1 and is soooooo good

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