A Fashion Design degree has got to be one of the most demanding, time consuming and draining processes. Expect to have no money. Expect to have no spare time. Expect not to see your loved ones half as much as you’re used to. But if you go into the process with this in mind and the ability to be selfish then the rewards will come. I am so insanely happy now that the process is over and the fact that in a few weeks time I’ll be graduating with a first class honours degree, never in my life did I expect that to happen.

If you keep up to date with me and my blog then you’ll have noticed that I’ve taken a massive break from being here whilst completing the final semester of my degree. It was a hard decision for me to have to make but I wanted to keep up with the standard of my posts and the time that I was used to putting into them. I felt like if I had rushed through posts for the sake of posting that it would have been a dis-service to myself and the lovely people that read my blog! Surprisingly I have continued to gain a following and to keep up my views throughout the past few months which has been a lovely compliment – if you’re new here then Hello, I have returned!

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For most people returning to University for their final year, they’re looking forward to meeting deadlines and graduating. Of course this was the obvious goal but for my course Show Selection day was a lot bigger than that. We all went into the process of knowing that less than half of our years collections would be given the chance to be on the Graduate Fashion Week runway and even if we were given the opportunity to do so it wouldn’t be as simple as getting in and having nothing to change.

The problem with creativity is that it’s completely subject to peoples personal opinions, you could put 20 collections in front of one person and ask them to select half and then do the same with someone else and get completely different results. This was probably one of the hardest aspects of show selection, if my collection wasn’t to be chosen it wasn’t because it wasn’t good enough, it was just down to a group of people and their collective opinion of it as a visual stood in front of them.

I was overwhelmed to be one of the lucky 18 people selected for my collection to be shown on the runway. I couldn’t even explain how many emotions I was feeling when I was told, never mind the few weeks that followed getting everything sorted and ready for London. Having my work on the runway was completely life changing. In the past few weeks I’ve been in The Times newspaper, all over Instagram, Social Media and Blogs and I’ve even had attention from celebrities for possible collaborations. Having all of my hard work pay off has been insane and I’m so grateful of everything that this opportunity has brought me and can’t wait for the future.

810Photograph sourced from Vogue

Cry Baby Club is collection of six creative and unique looks that sit together as a range and Couture collection. I wanted to create a collection of looks to make women feel empowered and beautiful when wearing them. The collection as a whole is ultra feminine with layering techniques of different weights of fabrics including oversized sheer pieces with lingerie detailing sitting underneath them. The concept of the collection is to embrace the sensitivity that women are portrayed to have, we are sensitive souls and that’s what makes us human.

Details include lazorcut felts with double top stitching finishes and silky lined garments and highly detailed surface techniques from hand sewn and hand glued Swarovski crystals to create heavily embellished timeless pieces. The versatility of the collection allows everything to work well as the six individual looks but can also be split apart to create a range of different looks and endless possibilities from mixing and matching the pieces around.

Here it is, Cry Baby Club on the Graduate Fashion Week runway, I’ll never forget this moment. For the next two weeks I’ll be dedicating my posts to the experience of Graduate Fashion Week so if you want to see more then you know where to check!


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