In March 2017 I set off on a long car journey to London to buy some of my final collection fabrics with my friends from University. Foundations by Kate Nash came on the radio and it instantly took to back to being an awkward 13 year old girl memorising every single lyric to the Made Of Bricks album. I sat in the car singing along to every word excited to see what the day would bring. That day I purchased the fabrics to create a dress that Kate Nash would not only love but would wear multiple times on her tour around the UK and Europe.

Photograph by Charlotte Patmore – @voteforpatmore –

Graduate Fashion Week gave me the opportunity to meet so many incredibly talented people and the person that I was so grateful to meet was stylist Rebekah Roy. Not only is she one of the kindest and knowledgable people that I have met so far in the fashion industry but she saw something in my work that others did not. We kept in touch as she had told me that she styles Kate Nash and she may be interested in some of my work and about 5 weeks later she got in touch with me to say that Kate had requested one of my looks to take on tour! I was in complete shock and feeling every single emotion possible, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I knew that from working with Rebekah previously (on a project that will be revealed in November) that although looks can be requested they may possibly not be used. I definitely kept that in mind meaning that I only told a couple of people who were very close to me that my work had been sent and there was a possibility that it could be used. The wait then began to see whether or not it would be selected to be worn on stage and after two weeks of constantly checking social media I had come to terms and accepted that it just hadn’t made the cut.

After a few days of not keeping up with social media I woke up on a rainy Saturday morning to get ready for work. As always I turned off my work alarm on my phone and my screen was FULL of Instagram notifications, unlocking it I went straight onto Instagram and there it was – Kate Nash in my dress! I can’t remember much really, there were lots of tears and happy squeals, I remember it was so early in the morning and I couldn’t get hold of anyone because they were all in bed and I needed to tell someone! It was complete madness and I’ll never forget that morning.

Over the month of August I collected photographs from each venue to compile together in this post, the photographers captured the dress and Kate so beautifully and I’m grateful to have these images to look back on. If you like what you see definitely take the time to look at some of these photographers social media and websites, they do incredible things!



Photographs by Priti Shikotra –

Photographs by Melanie Smith – @mudkissphotos –


Photographs by Mark Garnell –

Photographs by Poppy May Grey – @poppymaygray on Twitter

Photographs by Daniel Robson –

Photograph by Marianna Brits-Strodl –



Photographs by Catching Music –

If you are a creative and reading this, never give up the belief in yourself and what you can be capable of.  The hard work will pay off and opportunities will come when you least expect it. I could never even find the words to explain how overwhelming this experience was for me and I will forever be thankful to Kate Nash and Rebekah Roy for everything they have done for me. Having my work seen by thousands of people and being worn by an artist that I have loved since I was 13 years old is something that I still have goosebumps about now! And having this opportunity has now given me the exposure to work with more talented artists in the very near future, so keep an eye out for more exciting stuff happening soon.


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