It makes me feel a little bit sick to say this, but tomorrow is the first day of December! This year has gone far too quickly but it’s my favourite time of the year and I’m so ready to get my tree up and get into the Christmas spirit. This is my second Christmas blogging and I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt my first ever Blogmas as I saw so many bloggers do it last year but was too busy with my degree to do it myself. I work full time and December is the busiest period but I’ve been working on this content for the last few weeks and I am determined to try my very best to get a post up every single day!

Beauty Advent Calendars are so popular and this year I wanted to select three to open up every day and share with my readers. I chose three drug store brands as I have tried a few products from each of them and been pleasantly surprised, I wanted to have the opportunity to try out a selection of products and thought that this was the best way to do it! I’ll be doing swatch photos and reviews of each product in the three calendars and also recommending dupes, I’ll also be linking the products that you can buy separately if theres anything that you see and fall in love with! I’ll be posting on here and Instagram for the next 25 days counting down to Christmas Day, so let’s dive in and take a look at the selected Advent Calendars that I’ll be opening once a day with you all.

Sleek Makeup A Gift A Day Advent Calendar – £35.00

The first pick is this Sleek Calendar, I love the affordability of this brand and loved how all of the products in here are actually full size. Inside is a wide selection of products with 4 Matte Liquid Lipsticks, 4 Nail Varnishes, 4 Lip Liners, 3 Miniature Eyeshadow Palettes, 3 Cream Eyeliners, 2 Liquid Eyeliners, 2 Makeup Brushes, 1 Blusher, 1 Mascara and 1 Cream Lipstick. The contents inside are an autumnal mix of shades perfect for the Christmas season and I love how the Liquid Lipsticks have matching Nail Varnishes exclusive to the Calendar.

NYX Professional Make Up Kiss & Tell Advent Calendar – £50.00

It’s public knowledge that NYX is the holy grail of drugstore lip products and this Advent Calendar certainly does not disappoint! Inside are 4 Cream Matte Lipsticks, 4 Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks, 3 Liquid Suede Lipsticks, 3 Soft Matte Lip Creams, 3 Butter Lipsticks, 3 Butter Glosses, 2 Lip Cream Sticks and 2 Intense Butter Glosses. I myself can’t go a single day without some colour on my lips so I’ll definitely be making good use of all of these products and I can’t wait to try out the different product formulas inside.

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2017 – £30.00

Makeup Revolution are a drug store brand well known for creating cheaper alternatives of high end products, the palettes and highlighters are extremely pigmented for the price and I love the selection of products inside this Calendar. The contents include 6 Cream Lipsticks, 4 Makeup Brushes, 3 Baked Highlighters, 2 Pressed Highlighters, 2 Sheer Lip Glosses, 2 Strobe Balms, 1 Liquid Highlighter, 1 Anti Shine Balm, 1 Eye Primer, 1 Bronzer, 1 Eyeshadow Palette and 1 Mirror. This is a fantastic choice for someone wanting to experiment with lots of different products no matter how confident you are with makeup application!


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