If you read my blog already then you’ll know that I do my monthly updates on Evangeline. I love writing these posts and looking back over our last month together as a family! When I was thinking of new content ideas for my blog in 2019 I decided that I wanted to do something similar but with my own feed. My Instagram is a mix of my life, blog and work and it’s where I get to share every part of myself through my content. This year I want to make sure that I’m not just posting for the sake of it, I want my social media to truly reflect my life. I feel like reflecting over each month of the year will make me feel more grateful and positive about what has been and what is to come!

I’ll start off with something incredible as Paul and I celebrated spending 7 years of our lives together! The last year of our relationship has involved us growing up a lot, we left our family homes to make our own and we’ve come a hell of a long way from the 12-year-old kids that met at school. Our relationship has evolved and we are still learning so much about eachother. Parenthood is not simple and can definitely cause tension between the strongest of couples but I am so grateful for him every single day.

This month my blog turned 3 years old and what a journey it has been! I had an exciting collaboration post Getting Organised With Belo And Me and launched a competition for the majority of January, this was a great way to connect with new Instagram accounts and I loved giving someone the opportunity to win something special. I also shared my Exclusively Pumping Breast Feeding Journey post and reflected over my feeding choices for the first 6 months of Evangeline’s life. So many Mums and Mums-to-be reached out to me and were so responsive to the post, I love being able to share my experiences with other Mums who may need some support to keep going.

January was Cervical Health Awareness Month and I collaborated with an amazing Instagram account Queens Of Eve and shared my story on their platform. They are a fairly new account but share so much information about so many taboo subjects and are amazing for guidance and advice for women. Evangeline and I also puckered up for our Smear For Smear selfie supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, this charity is so close to my heart and have personally helped me through a hell of a lot. I will continue to spread awareness and support for Smear Tests as they are so important and I’m not sure what I would be doing right now if I hadn’t fought for my right to have one done.

The biggest milestone of this month was me finishing my maternity leave and starting a new job. I found the courage to hand my notice in at my job that no longer fulfilled me and step away from situations that had effected my mental health. Leaving my baby for a brand new job and new people was incredibly daunting but now I have the best reason to go to work and I’m excited to be able to provide for myself and my family. My current job is only temporary so I’m still in the middle of applying for something permanent that fits in well with our lives but for now it is perfect to keep us going and the hours work so well with Evangeline which is a massive positive.

And now let’s welcome February 2019 with open arms, to keep up with me daily feel free to follow me on Instagram!


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