We are 10 months in and our little girl is finally on the move! She’s easily getting about by dragging herself along and although it looks hilarious for us to watch, she’s very made up with her new skill. She loves to be on the floor exploring and getting hold of anything and everything that she can now reach, we seriously need all eyes on her now if she not strapped down into something but it’s amazing to see her skills develop and she gets so excited when she learns something new! Along with her two bottom teeth, she’s now starting to cut her top ones so it won’t be long until she’s using them to crunch, I think it’ll help her so much with eating and the weaning side of things but obviously teething can be a huge struggle for her. We’ve always got the Calpol and Ashton & Parsons to hand for when the time comes!

After what felt like the biggest wait we finally had Evangeline’s follow up with the Doctor at the hospital regarding her admission in December with a severe water infection. She had been on her preventative antibiotics for just over 4 months and we were excited to finally take her off them and see how she got on. From all of her reviews and her ultrasound that results back, the Doctor was happy for us to stop the medication and for us to come back for a 6 month review in October. We got Eve home and for the first few days she was perfectly fine but by day 6 without her antibiotics she had a raging temperature and all of the signs of another urine infection. We were advised by the Doctors that if she showed any kinds of symptoms similar to an infection that she had we would need to take her to get a urine sample to rule out it out as if she had another one they would need to do more investigation work. We sat in the Urgent Care Center of the hospital for over 4 hours waiting for a urine sample, she was absolutely heartbroken and exhausted as that was usually the time that she would have been fast asleep in bed so it was a massive struggle to keep her entertained and we were obviously really worried about her.

Finally just after midnight we finally got enough urine for a dip sample and it was confirmed that she already had another infection. This then consisted of a few days of appointments; phone calls, a poorly baby and a very distressed Mum and Dad. After a massive amount of messing around they finally put her back on her preventative antibiotics and moved our follow up appointment from the 31st of October to the 1st of July which has much more reasonable. We still have a chunk of time to wait so we are just going to keep an eye on her and hope that she doesn’t have any further issues until we’re seen again. We would love to get to the bottom of everything but understand that investigations take time, as long as she is a happy and well little girl in the meantime that is all that matters.

I wanted to do something special for my first Mother’s Day and unfortunately, I was working which meant that I couldn’t have the whole day with my girl which broke my heart a little bit! I was fortunate enough to see Evangeline’s newborn photographer advertising Mummy and Me photoshoots and thought that would be an incredible way to remember our first Mothers Day and to have photographs that we could treasure forever. We went to shoot with Kelly for the third time in the space of a year and were not disappointed. She actually made me feel beautiful and sharing the camera with Evangeline makes it difficult due to her extra cute factor. the photographs came out incredible and as Eve was fully naked throughout the shoot even spoilt me and decided to wee all over myself and the beautiful gown that I was wearing. Our first Mothers Day was incredible and we receive the photos just after, I had such a special day and had some beautiful personalised gifts with the help of Daddy!

We’ve started our christening planning and we are fortunate that Eve’s birthday falls on a Sunday this year meaning that we can have a double celebration. Paul and I had to go to a christening evening class in order to have her baptised and now we’re just planning decor which is my favourite part! We originally wanted to get her christened in the first few months but time just ran away with us and then we didn’t want to do it in the winter months. We’re having her christened in the church that my parents were married in and where I was christened and we cannot wait to celebrate with everyone that we love!

If you’ve enjoyed looking at the photographs then feel free to have a follow of Evangeline’s Instagram to keep up to date with the cute baby spam.


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