I’m back! It has been a while but I’m determined to get back into my blogging mojo and this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time! We were kindly asked to work with the brand Belo and Me once again and would not have passed up the opportunity. They sent Evangeline and I the most beautiful box of treats and we were overwhelmed to have been spoilt once again. As always, we have tried all of these products multiple times for ourselves over the last two weeks. I’ve now gathered enough experience to do honest reviews of everything we have tried and I am so excited to share! We have had such positive experience and all of the products have really come in handy just in time for the summer sunshine.

As I’ve already mention, we collaborated with the brand at the beginning of this year and thoroughly enjoyed working with them. The room organisation items that we were sent are still used now in Evangeline’s bedroom and one of my photographs from the collaboration is even used on their website to promote the product! Last summer was spent coming to terms with motherhood and life with a newborn so this year is our first time to get outdoors in the sunshine for as many new adventures as possible with Evangeline. We have definitely got some new ride or die products in our changing bag.


Evangeline is a professional dummy thrower so we try our best to keep it attached to her at the times when she has it. We were due a new dummy clip so the PR package arrived at the most perfect time and it was one of the products that we were the most excited to try. I love the design of the strap, it feels very secure and durable which is definitely important when the product is coming into close contact with your baby. In the past I’ve found the plastic clips to become quite flimsy, the one on this strap was incredibly strong at first (in fact probably too strong as I trapped my finger) but after a few uses it loosened a little and has an amazing hold on delicate fabrics without tarnishing them.

The unicorn print is so beautiful and we were sent a dribble bib to match which has been so handy as she’s a teething dribbly mess at this moment in time. I could not get over how soft the fabric was of the bib as usually printed fabrics have a strange finish to them. The inside fabric was cosy enough for it to be worn with no clothes on underneath so we took advantage of a hot day in Evangeline’s nappy and she still got the wear out of it. This was easily covered in dribble and snot and I threw it in with my normal baby clothes wash, it’s still just as soft and the fabric washed really well with all of the other items. I love these as a little matching set and they would be so lovely as a gift for a friend, I’ve got my cousins baby shower coming up so I’ll definitely be purchasing some for her little bundle!


A few days after receiving our package we decided to do a test run and the most perfect place for it was our local park! One of my favourite items by far was the huge muslin swaddle; muslins are an essential item from newborn to toddlers and beyond. They are versatile and can be used for a number of things from a bib, blanket, comforter, sunshade, swaddle, baby carrier and much more. These oversized muslins are delivered pre-washed and are ready to go and the design that we were sent is so gorgeous, I love pops of yellow and pastels at the moment.

I was honoured to be able to try out the reusable storage bags and pouches. I’ve felt a massive push on sustainability from everyone around me and by simply doing little things you can really help and benefit the planet that your children will be growing up in! Now it’s obvious that it’s so much more inexpensive to take your baby food out and about and if you’re looking for a sustainable option that’s washable and reusable then look no further! The food pouches are bigger than shop bought options and can easily hold a whole lot of product, the double zipper fastenings are extremely secure and keep everything inside until you decide it’s feeding time! The pouches are fantastic for storing leftover puree or yoghurt for the next day or if you want to experiment with making your own and storing them with ease. They are fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe and I personally washed the ones that we tried ourselves and they were so simple to clean.


The reusable snack bags make it easier than ever to store some treats for your tiny humans to snack on later in the day and with summer barbecue season upon us there are finger food buffets at the ready with so much choice. The urge to take half of the buffet table home is now achievable and you can always blame the baby if anyone dares make a comment! The bags are a complete game-changer and deserve so much hype, they are so simple to slip into a bag or even a pocket just before you leave the house and they’ve you are covered for food options for your little one throughout the day.

And on the subject of food, all of a sudden my baby has a mouth full of teeth that she’s using to eat everything with. She’s currently cutting her back teeth and they seem humungous compared to her first ones! She’s going through a major phase of trying to put anything and everything in her mouth to have a good chew so the Belo Bunny has been amazing for her to try out. I think Evangeline’s favourite part are the ears because they can get them right to back of her mouth which has been perfect for settling down these new peggies. The product keeps it shape well but is still moveable and flexible when chewed, it also has little raised patterns on the surface which are amazing for gums when a tooth is yet to cut through. It’s so easy to keep clean too just by running under the tap!

We have had so much fun with the products and have been so excited to expand our Belo and Me collection even more! The range of items available on the website are suitable for babies and toddlers and we cannot fault the quality of every single product that we have tried.  It is definitely one of my most recommended independent brands that I mention to parents and I’m so excited to see what products they’ll come up with next. A massive thank you to the brand for spoiling us, we are continually grateful for the generosity!

This post contains gifted items. For more information please head over to my About & Contact page to read my disclosure statement.


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