It’s been a long while since I’ve talked beauty on here so I’m excited to be collaborating with a group of bloggers as we share our current beauty faves across our platforms. I decided to go for my lockdown pamper must-haves and the products that have been getting me through this weird and wonderful time so I hope you enjoy! I’m going to be really honest – my beauty and pamper routines have been on and off during lockdown. But on the days where I’ve managed to squeeze in some dedicated self-care minutes, these have been my saviour products that have made me feel a little bit more like myself. The majority of the products in this post were a selection of birthday gifts from friends and family. I was definitely in desperate need of a pamper so my birthday came at the perfect time! The positive of people buying for you is selecting products and brands you would have never thought of before. I wanted to feature all of my little newbies as I love adding to my collection and have been impressed with the majority of them. I’ve been using all of them over the last six weeks and will definitely be re-purchasing bits in the future!

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Charlotte at Charlotte’s Picks – Current Go-To Pamper Products

Lottie at Lottie Lately – Products For A Perfect Pamper Session

My go-to skin prep will always be Lush Cup Of Coffee Face And Body Mask. Honestly if I could afford the expense, I would cover my entire body in this just to experience how amazing it would feel! Due to suffering with dry skin I notice my foundation can start to flake off and separate around my nose area a few hours into wear. I always opt for a full coverage foundation when I go on a night out but this means it can pick up on any textures on the skin. Adding this step to my routine allows my makeup to sit so much better on my face! I like to apply the mask just before I get in the bath and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. I remove it by fully submerging my head under the water and buffing everything away.  Once I’ve finished I then use the showerhead to wash/shampoo my hair.

If you’re looking for a scrub without the time for a facemask then Sunday Rain Watermelon Exfoliating Cubes are the ideal choice. The watermelon fragrance is quite strong which always reminds me of horrific shots when I’m drunk in a club! Regardless of the smell, I love these little beauties. I’ve found breaking them in half gives me more than enough product to use for a quick face scrub. After exfoliating I then like to use the Pixi Rose Tonic. This is key for adding hydration back into the skin and soothing any areas that the scrub may have irritated in the process. If you’re looking for hydration then you need to try a sheet mask. They are infused with so many beautiful oils and ingredients and you leave the residue to soak into your skin. I received a multipack of Garnier face and eye masks and have loved trying them out. My favourite by far was definitely Moisture Bomb Eye Sheet Mask – Hyaluronic Acid And Coconut Water, it made my skin feel like a dream. I love the simplicity of sheet masks, they’re just ready to wear and the Garnier ones stay on so well without having to constantly stick them back down.

A brand that I’ve always wanted to try is The Ordinary; I’ll be completely honest in saying I wouldn’t even know where to start without someone talking me through it. I love the aesthetics of the brand but finding the right product could prove very difficult if you were clueless about skincare. All of that being said, I was gifted the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Blemish Formula and I’ve been using it to combat any hormonal breakouts. You use the product like a serum and it has a dropper tool which I find really handy. You just need two drops of the product to massage into your skin, the formula covers quite a large area and can be left to soak into the skin. Niacinamide helps to unclog pores which can eliminate opportunities for breakouts. I’ve been using this on the run-up to my period which is my prime time for breakouts and I’ve definitely seen an improvement. If you’re looking at adding something new to your skincare routine then I would definitely recommend!

Now we’ve talked skincare let’s focus on the rest of the body! I’ve been taking a lot more showers in lockdown just due to not having the time or luxury for my usual baths! The Ritual Of Sakura Body Scrub has been a game-changer for me in this heat I’m going to be honest and say that shaving my legs has not been my first priority- especially when no one else is going to see them! Using an exfoliator to prep your skin before shaving helps to prevent any ingrown hairs or shaving rash. After scrubbing and shaving it’s all about locking that moisture back in which is where the Dirty Works creamy body wash comes in. I received this as part of a gift set and it’s infused with macadamia oil to nourish and soften the skin. Finally the most important product of my lockdown has been the Dirty Works “You Soft Touch” Hand Cream. The constant hand washing has really been taking its toll and they need some TLC. It’s cocoa butter base leaves your skin feeling soothed and cared for. Regardless of whether you’ve been lacking in any pampering, I don’t think there could be anything more important to be using right now!

If you liked this post and want even more inspiration, check out the rest of the ladies posts. I’ve got so many ideas for some new products when these run out! What are your lockdown pamper must-haves? I’d love to know! As always, I’m sending lots of messages of love and safety to everyone right now. I’m crossing my fingers that this pandemic will start to ease soon but until that point we must do everything that we can to stop the spread!



  1. 7th June 2020 / 8:36 AM

    You look so content with your face mask on wrapped in your dressing gown! LOVE! I love sheet masks but I never knew Garnier bought out ones for the eyes too, I need to try those!
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

  2. 7th June 2020 / 10:42 AM

    I used to use the cup o coffee mask all the time and I think I might go back to it after I finish the mask of magnaminty! And the ordinary is my all time favourite skincare brand, they’re perfect for oily or acne prone skin!
    -Kyra xx

  3. 7th June 2020 / 2:59 PM

    I have dry skin and have the exact same problem with foundation flaking, so I need to try that Lush mask, it sounds great! Great post xx

    Hannah |

  4. 12th October 2020 / 7:07 AM

    Gotta love friends and family who buy you beauty stuff! The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc seems to be really good. My friend uses it too and he has such amazing skin now!

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