And just like that… it’s June! I can’t actually believe we’re nearly half way through this absolutely craziness of a year and tomorrow I will officially have two-year-old! Evangeline’s birthday is always on the run up to Father’s Day and what better way to celebrate two years of parenting? It’s been a heavy few weeks/months and this Father’s Day is one of mixed emotions, I’ve kind of accepted the fact that it will be an over-the-garden-fence social distancing visit from my Dad but our health and safety is the most important thing. 

At the beginning of lockdown Paul and I decided that Evangeline would be staying with me to keep her safe and away from any other people/ the possibility of getting unwell. We did not expect the 3 weeks to turn into almost 3 months. It’s been a really difficult process for both myself and Paul and the lockdown rules seemed to just keep getting extended. Two weeks ago I ended up having to take Eve to the emergency doctors and as I don’t drive, I was instructed to get a friend/family member to take us. There was no way I would have chosen anyone else and due to them being less than a metre away from each other in the car, we made the decision that they could properly be reunited. We’re slowly easing her into the process, it’s been two weeks and she’s still not left my home but we’ve had him coming to see her here so she doesn’t feel too overwhelmed! I am so happy that they are able to see each other again, especially as this month is both of their birthdays and Father’s Day!

My Mothers Day Gift Guide was so well received by you all so I thought I would do the same and find some amazing brands to work with for all of the gift ideas for the Dad in your life. Whether it’s your own Dad, the father of your child or someone who’s like a Dad, there are so many gift options out there! All products featured in this post were kindly gifted but all opinions are my own, I hope you enjoy!

fathers day gifts

Funky Pigeon offer a huge range of cards and gifts for Father’s Day – from personalised photo gifts, alcohol and experience gifts. I was spoilt for choice on the website but I particularly wanted to go for some photo gifts as I knew that Evangeline’s Dad would love them. I selected the Best Daddy Photo Block, I love the silver sparkles inside the frame and know that Evangeline will love them too! I prefer photo blocks to photo frames as they are lightweight yet really sturdy and easy to move around. Along with the frame I also ordered the D Is For Daddy Photo Balloon, I loved creating this and added a range of my favourite photos of Paul and Evangeline. I’ve let him have this early to make the most of it before the helium drains but he absolutely loved it. I never thought about getting photos on balloons before but it’s definitely something I will be looking into in the future due to how well they printed. The little message from Evangeline is so lovely too!

The Ecology Project is a local brand that I reached out to; they create candles, wax melts and beauty products. The brand have launched their Fathers Day candle gift sets in a range of popular men’s aftershave fragrances (Joop Hoome, Dior Savauge, Paco Rabanna Invictus and Creed Aventus). There is also the option of adding any of range of fragrances that the company offer so you’ll be sure to find the perfect scent for your loved one. Included in the Fathers Day set is a candle with the fragrance of your choice, personalised matches and a record bowl, which is really creative and an additional little treat! The brand specialises in zero waste and all candle jars are re-fillable. Customers are then rewarded for coming back with a loyalty discount too, which is a great incentive. The candles themselves are beautiful, this one in particular has a Black Tourmaline crystal inside which is the stone of protection. It cleanses and transforms negative energy into a lighter vibration and can be used for meditation. I love the stickers on the candles, especially the “because Dad farted”, I don’t think there could be anything more relatable! The candle smells absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to get mine refilled when it’s time to and continue to support a small local business!

Keepsake items are by far my favourites when it comes to gift–giving and the Hooray Heroes books completely tug on your heartstrings. You can fully personalise the parent/child and I’m very impressed with how much I managed to get it to look just like Paul! When you open up the book the pages inside are just as special, they are packed with font, colour and imagery and I honestly do think you get what you pay for with this product. Whether you have a tiny baby/toddler or a child a little bit older, this will be something that can be and read for years to come. There is space inside to leave a personal message and options to create this book from both parents too. I can definitely say that this is the gift I’m the most jealous of and I’m definitelgetting one for myself, I had so much fun creating this! You can use the code GIFTFORDADDY15 for 15% off in time for Father’s Day delivery.

The final gift is incredibly sentimental to me and I cannot wait to see my Dad open it. Paige from PNB Designs contacted me asking if I wanted to collaborate and it was perfect timing with creating something really special to remember my dog. Paige specialises in art prints, particularly pet portraits and I was honoured to send her some pictures of our girl. Honey passed away at the beginning of lockdown and dealing with grief without being able to comfort loved ones has been a difficult process. She would have been 14 tomorrow (her and Evangeline are birthday twins) so we’ll be remembering her. I didn’t know what to expect when I sent off the images but the finished result brought me to tears. She has captured her so perfectly and I know that this will mean so much to my Dad too. Although she’s no longer here we will never forget her, she will always my first baby! 

I hope you’ve found a brand/product that you’ve not seen before and hopefully this has sparked some inspiration. As always, thank you so much to all of the brands that were involved and I can’t wait for all of the celebrations in just less than two weeks time!


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