About Me


I am a 21 year old Fashion and Beauty blogger from Blackpool in North West England. I created this blog to mainly write about Fashion, Beauty and a little bit of insight into my life that I think people would be interested in. I started blogging in January 2016 and I’m fairly new to it but have found it to be a massive passion and am excited to see how it impacts my life in the future.

I am currently going into my final year of my BA Hons Fashion Design University Degree, I have a strong love for fashion, from high end designers collections to creating my own garments myself. My Fashion Portfolio is available on my website if you would like to take a look, I love to create and construct unique garments and work on highly detailed pieces.

I am a sales assistant for Lush and have been working there for 2 years, I thoroughly enjoy working there and have a massive love for beauty, skincare and haircare. I have a large amount of knowledge due to the products that I sell to customers on a day to day basis and have a good insight into all of the products that we create and sell in our stores.

I also have an obsession with makeup, I love expressing myself through colours and different techniques and thoroughly enjoy doing makeup related posts and trying new products. I definitely over indulge when buying makeup and struggle to control my spending but I just love how much you can do with it and how you can express yourself!

When I finish University I hope to start up my own handmade clothing brand and to continue blogging and growing my following on social media outlets.


All photographs are taken by me if not stated otherwise and linked, I do not watermark my photographs but if you would like to use any photographs that I have taken then please credit my Blog/Instagram appropriately and contact me to let me know!