Lush Jelly Face Masks Review

Are you ready for this jelly? After the incredible popularity of Lush‘s Shower Jellies it was no suprise when they decided to use a similar formulae to create the new Jelly Masks and Jelly Bombs. Not only are they pleasing to the eye and extremely fun to jiggle, they are also a brand new incredible invention for your skin! Let’s take a closer look the masks and see what they have to offer.


Carrageenan Seaweed is used to achieve the jelly-like base – it’s extremely moisturising, hydrating and gentle to the skin. It’s simple to blend with fresh fruits, natural ingredients and cleansing clays to create masks tailored to suit different skin types and needs. The masks have a light and weightless feel on the skin and leave a noticeable difference as soon as you remove them!

Unlike the fresh face masks there is no need to store these masks on ice or in the fridge to keep them fresh and they have a 4 month shelf life with plenty of time to use the product inside. They are also self preserving and free from synthetic preservatives with enough product in each pot for 5 luxurious uses.

The masks are simple to use, just grab a small piece into the palm of your hand and mix with your fingertips until it breaks down into a cream. The warmth of your hands helps to change the product within a few seconds before your eyes and masks are so simple to apply to the skin. They can be left on for up to 10 minutes then easily removed! As the product settles into the skin the seaweed forms a luxurious layer so it can help to use a warm flannel or cotton pads when removing it.


Just to Clarify – £6.95

This is the only mask in the collection with natural Bamboo stems to exfoliate and revive the skin, so if you’re in need of a gentle yet effective scrub then this is the top choice! It’s fantastically enzymic with fresh Orange and Papaya to absorb excess oils, to brighten your skin and to leave you feeling uplifted. This product is Vegan.


Bunny Moon – £6.95

For the most gentle of skins, Bunny Moon is your best friend. This is the only mask that isn’t Vegan due to being filled with Honey which is both moisturising and antiseptic. It’s fantastic for dry and sensitive skins from eczema to psoriasis and has a comforting sweet Vanilla fragrance that you’ll fall in love with!


The Birth of Venus – £6.95

The already moisturising jelly base and added Fresh Sea Water allows this mask to intensely tone and cleanse the skin. You’ll be feeling silky smooth and refreshed! With gentle Lavender and Rose perfect for dry and sensitive faces to calm, sooth and leave your skin feeling better than it ever has. This is my favourite mask from the five and I can’t wait to add it into my skin care routine! This product is Vegan.


Fomo – £6.95

This mask is very similar to the cleanser Aqua Marina which is fantastic for Acne and scarring on the face and with the added carrageenan jelly base its incredibly moisturising and gentle. It’s also packed full of rose to balance out redness and tones on the skins surface and calamine power to sooth the skin. This product is Vegan.


1000 Millihelens – £6.95

If you’re wanting to try something new and interesting this is the option for you! This mask is made with Zeolite Clay which has warming benefits for the skin and is extremely fruity with Orange, Lemon and Apple juices to brighten and leave you with a youthful glow. It’s similar to the Ayesha face mask with tightening and antibacterial ingredients including Green Tea and Witch Hazel. This product is Vegan.


One of my favourite things about these masks in particular is that there is more than one option for everyone! Due to there long shelf life it’s easy to mix and match when your skin just isn’t behaving. My top three choices are Fomo, The Birth Of Venus and Bunny Moon, each one of these masks are gentle enough for my extra sensitive skin due to their soothing, moisturising and gentle ingredients.

Liking what you see? Why not try one for yourself, the masks are available in all UK Lush stores and online so treat yourself to something gorgeous, you will not regret it!

DIY – Fixing Broken Makeup Powders Tutorial

If your makeup collection has been affected by a broken powder then you are not alone. I had an unfortunate experience with my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in the shade Ice Cold after my suitcase was thrown about at the airport! When I noticed it was broken I thought that my money had gone to waste but I quickly found a solution to the problem! This tutorial will help you to fix any broken makeup pans from eyeshadows, bronzers, powders and highlighters, it’s so simple to follow and will have you quickly re-united with your precious makeup items! To be even more experimental you can use this tutorial to create a pressed powder from a loose makeup pigment.


First of all if you do shatter a makeup pan then try and hold onto as many of the powdered chunks as possible. Although this is a messy job – it really will help as the more pieces that you manage to salvage will help towards fixing the product, this will also help to make it last for as long as possible.
You will need:

  • The broken product and its pan – This works for individual pans and also will work for palettes.
  • A pair of flat ended tweezers – Or something a similar size with a flat end.
  • Surgical Spirit – This can be purchased from Boots/Superdrug/Pharmacies/Supermarkets.


Step one – Breaking down the product.
Using the flat end of your tweezers, apply gentle pressure to the chunks of product and break them down into a fine powder, try to keep the larger pieces in the centre of your pan to not lose any excess product. Some powder formulas are softer and more buttery than others so start off gently and add more pressure if the powder isn’t breaking up as easily as you would expect. Once you have broken down all of the product into powder use your flat edge to smooth the powder along the width pan to an equal level and height.


Step two – Adding the Surgical Spirit.
The amount of Surgical Spirit that you add to your pan completely depends on the size of the product, if you are using a smaller based palette then a plastic pipette may help you as it may just need a couple of drops to mend. (With this particular product I filled the bottle cap from the bottle and slowly poured it into the pan.) You can use your flat edge to gently distribute the liquid around the pan and to carefully mix the products together, try to do this in-between caps/spoonfuls/squeezes of the Surgical Spirit to prevent any air bubbles. Finally double check to make sure that the liquid has reached all of the loose powder in the pan.

Step Three – The drying process.
Now is the time to leave your fixed product to dry, this can take 3-4 hours at least to settle as the Surgical Spirit evaporates into the air so try to be patient! For the best results leave your product to dry overnight and try to leave it uncovered to allow the liquid to evaporate into the atmosphere.


Step Four – Finishing off the fixed product.
Once the pan is completely dry you can use a tissue to gently press down and flatten the powder into place. For a professional and clean finish you can use a separate tissue, wipe or cotton bud to wipe around the edge of your pan to remove any excess and leftover powder.

The particular product that I used for the tutorial has been fixed in this way and has been used a variety of times since. The product quality is exactly the same as it was when it was purchased and is completely safe to use on your skin. The only negative of this process is that the product may have a slight chemical smell to it, this will all depend on the size of the pan and amount of Surgial Spirit you used. This product pan size was quite large so it needed a couple of caps of the liquid but I’m sure if it was a smaller eyeshadow you may not get as much of the chemical fragrance from a few drops. I was so happy when I fixed my highlighter as it was currently out of stock but if you are interested in the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts you can take a look at my review and shop on the website! I hope this tutorial will help, happy fixing!