Finding the perfect fitting bra can be a tiring and expensive process, one that I have dreaded in the past! I’ve found that since being pregnant wearing the right bra has become even more important, if you’re struggling to feel comfortable in a bra then it’s usually a sign that you’re not wearing the correct size or style. It’s recommended that you should be measured every six to eight months and a clear sign that you need to be re-measured is if the bra you are wearing is digging in or leaving marks on your skin. You can measure yourself at home quite easily or take advantage of a free bra fitting service on your local high street if you need some extra advice.

Hunkemöller offers a wide selection of Bras ranging from back size 30-44 and cup size AA-H starting at just £18. Something else that they offer is their Nursing Bra range from back size 34-40 and cup size C-F, all of the pieces in this range are under £23 and they have beautiful design features as well as being comfortable! In the past, I found shopping for bras online very overwhelming but the Bra Fit Guide is so helpful and simple to use. I decided to try it for myself when I was asked to work with the brand and wanted to share my experience with my readers!

Underwear is something that can definitely make you feel more confident, whether you’re wearing it for yourself or for someone else to see. Being an “awkward” bra size shouldn’t compromise that and it shouldn’t cost the entire world for the correct comfort and support. Before my pregnancy, I was a 30DD and I always struggled to find brands that sold flattering and affordable bras that catered for small back sizes and large cup sizes.

My body changed very quickly when I became pregnant and by the end of my first trimester I was measuring at a 32F and my boobs had grown considerably. I had to try completely new shapes and styles and stop wearing anything with any wires in as they were far too painful. As I got more and more pregnant my bump was high up on my ribs underneath where my bra strap would naturally sit so it was highly important for me to be wearing a bra that had the correct fit.

Hunkemöller generously allowed me to select a bra of my choice from their website to keep and review, the piece I selected was the Juno Padded Nursing Bra which comes in a selection of two different colour ways. For me, it was important to select something comfortable as I’m in the final weeks of my pregnancy and I wanted something that was suitable to wear for breastfeeding as that’s what I’m planning to do once the baby arrives. There were so many beautiful styles on the website and it was exciting to see bras that were actually pretty to look at! One of my favourite things about this bra is the wide back strap, I find thin back straps so flimsy and sharp with absolutely no comfort or support.

I spent a couple of days wearing the bra once I had received it and I kept forgetting I had a brand new bra on, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was on first wear as usually I have to “break bras in”. The bra has padded non-underwired cups that feature extra support underneath for more comfort and is super soft and luxurious to touch. I love the design features of this bra with the scalloped lace and bow details and at £22.50 it’s very reasonably priced.

I had such a positive experience with the brand and I’m definitely going to be ordering a selection of bras after my little girl’s arrival. The delivery process was quick and simple and the packaging was a beautiful finishing touch that would be perfect if you were ordering something as a gift too. To see for yourself what the brand has to offer simply click here to treat yourself to something new, I can’t wait to try some more styles for myself!



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