I’m so happy to announce that our daughter, Evangeline Maisie Egan arrived safely on Saturday the 9th of June at 8.27am. The labour and delivery were in no way what I had expected but I’ll be sharing my experiences in a follow up to Being Pregnant With Cervical Ectropion with information about my final trimester and my birth story.

We were fortunate to have her born in the morning which meant we didn’t need to wait too long for our close family and friends to come and meet her at the hospital. We ended up staying in for four days due to her being jaundice, this meant she had to undergo UV Phototherapy treatment for 24 hours. It was quite distressing for both Paul and I as she had to have her eyes covered and wasn’t allowed to be held unless she was being fed or if she was unsettled. Although it was an emotional strain we were so happy to have her looking a lot healthier and this meant that we could bring her home. Once we had her home she was involved in lots of window sunbathing to get her skin looking a better colour but she’s doing so well and is a happy little lady.

Our first week at home has been so lovely. She is such a content little girl and everyone that she has met has fallen in love with her. I had intended on breast feeding her but as she’s on anitbiotics and was jaundice she’s been struggling with latching on, instead I’ve been using a breast pump and she’s been solely having my milk. I’m really going to work over the next few weeks with her to see if she gets strong enough to be fed directly from me but I’m trying my best not to get too upset as she’s still getting everything she needs from me. She gained nearly 1lb in the first week which is incredible and a great sign that everything is going well with her feeding.

In terms of sleeping she is great in the day time and very alert when she is awake, we’ve have varied night times with her. Two nights she has completely slept through and I’ve had to wake her for feeds whereas the others she has cried for 2-3 hours straight and struggled to settle. We’re hoping that she will fall into a bit of a better routine and that we’ll start to get used to the broken sleep, everything is just so new and a massive learning curve after just nine days with her.

We are in complete awe of her and our hearts are filled with so much love. I’ll be doing monthly posts updating my readers on our life with her and as a family, I am so excited for our future together and can’t wait to share it! I’ve also made her an Instagram account, partially just for myself so all of the photographs of her are in one place forever and also to go along with my monthly Instagram and Blog updates on her so feel free to have a look here!


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