This restock was the most stressful order I have ever done on the Kylie Cosmetics website, Kylie announced all of the limited edition birthday collection products on her Snapchat the day before she stocked them onto the website and there was so much to choose from! From Kyliner, Cream Eyeshadows and even a branded makeup bag there was such a range of new products to squeal about but the Mini Mattes Bundle was by far the most wanted. The Bundles sold out in the first 7 minutes and it was a very stressful few minutes indeed, I set up 2 laptops to make sure that I could get the products into my basket! I ordered 3 sets which made it even more panicky as I wasn’t sure if there was a limit on the amount that you could purchase due to them being in a bundle set but fortunately enough I could add all 3 into my basket with no problems.


My experiences with Kylie Cosmetics have been very positive, I have always been incredibly happy with the quality of the products and have now placed 4 successful orders through the official website. This set was limited edition and part of Kylie’s birthday collection, it was $36 so worked out to be only £5 per product in the set which to me was an absolute bargain! As I ordered the 3 sets it worked out that we all paid £38 each including the delivery charge and customs fees, I would definitely recommend ordering with a few friends and splitting the fees, it’s so much easier than having to pay an extra £20-£30 just for yourself!


All of the Birthday Collection came in gold packaging and the applicators for the Lipsticks were infused with real gold. As always the products looked expensive and luxurious with the added gold giving them a gorgeous shine, I was very happy with my purchase. All of these shades are available to buy as separate Lipsticks and Lipliners as well as the Lip Kits on the website, all besides Leo. If you’ve read my last post on my Kylie Lip Kit’s you will know how much I recommend the formulae of these Liquid Lipsticks, I also love how Kylie swatches them on different skin tones to show how versatile they are.


Here are the shades swatched in the order that they came in the box, from left to right you receive Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen and Leo which is the limited edition birthday shade! I already own the shades Dolce K, Koko K and Candy K but this was the first time I had tried out the other three shades. Exposed is a peach toned natural nude which is very different to the pink and brown toned nude shades Kylie Cosmetics currently stocks. Kristen is a dark red/pink shade and is one of my favourites, I will definitely be repurchasing this as a Lip Kit in the future. Finally Leo is a deep maroon shade, this particular colour looks incredible on all different skin tones and it would be amazing for a dramatic night time makeup look! I really hope that Kylie decides to bring this out as a permanent shade as I would also love to repurchase this in the full size with the Lip Liner.


When they used the word Minis they were not lying, these tubes are noticeably smaller in comparison to a full sized Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick. Although they are small in size they are perfect for travelling if kept in the box, it gives you 6 different lip colour options that suit so many different looks and styles and you can even experiment with mixing shades on your hand with a lip brush. They fit in any bag or pocket so are extremely easy to take on the go with you.

If Kylie Cosmetics decide to bring out similar sets in the future then I will definitely be trying to get my hands on another, they are fantastic if you’re a first time buyer and are wanting to try out some of the shades before spending the $29 on a Lip Kit. I understand the pressure that a lot of people have when ordering these products but I would not recommend them if they didn’t work in the way that you would expect them to and weren’t worth the price. The quality of them and the range of shades is brilliant especially with the creamy lip liners to match, if you have any questions please feel free to comment, if not then take a look at my Kylie Lip Kit Review post for all the information about the ordering and delivery process.


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  1. 25th August 2016 / 1:57 PM

    Woah! I wish I could get my hands on these! Unfortunately, I think they’re too expensive for me to even consider buying. So, I’ve always strayed away from Kylie Cosmetics. Would love to try someday tho! Also, thank you for following my blog. (: I went to check out yours too and you seem to have great content! Hope we could be blogger buddies. 👍🏽

    • 25th August 2016 / 6:42 PM

      Thankyou for such a lovely comment, we can definitely be friends! They can be quite pricey but I love the formulae of them, there are so many dupes for the shades though, going to do a blog post on some soon!xxxxx

      • 27th August 2016 / 3:50 PM

        Sorry for the late reply. but, yea, love to hear soon! (:

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