Halloween at Lush has become increasingly popular alongside with the October Christmas launch, this years selection of brand new products and much loved favourites is sure to make you feel gorgeous and warm you up as the temperatures start to drop! The majority of this years collection is bath related and intensely pampering, with a little bit of added sparkle and recognisable scents from products been and gone.

Products – Exclusive to Halloween


(Pumpkin Bath Bomb, Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb, Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb)

Pumpkin – £3.95
Ever wanted to take a bath in a Pumpkin Spiced Latte? Now you can. A brand new bath product to really get you into the Halloween spirit! This Bath Bomb is really gentle with very few ingredients so would be perfect for people with sensitive skin, it also has some Bath Oil ingredients inside to feed your skin lots of goodness. Main ingredients include Pimento Berry Oil and Vanilla Absolute. This product is Vegan.

Lord of Misrule – £3.95
An old time favourite returns once more! Immerse yourself in a bloodbath of deep greens and reds with a spicy aroma, fantastically warming on an autumn night. This product is a great for men and women and attracts more and more attention each year. Pair it with the Shower Cream to be silky soft! Main ingredients include Cream of Tartar, Black Pepper Oil, Patchouli Oil, Vanilla Absolute and Popping Candy. This product is Vegan.

Monsters’ Ball – £4.25
This has to be my favourite product from the entire collection! Monsters’ Ball is so picturesque in your water with a mixture of blues and pinks and it will leave you smelling delicious. With the added Cocoa Butter your winter skin will be left feeling ultra soft and nourished. Main ingredients include Lime Oil, Neroli Oli, Olibanum Oil and Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter. This product is Vegan.

Autumn Leaf – £3.75
Get ready for an autumnal colour explosion of reds, greens and yellows with the much loved fragrance of Grass shower gel that was discontinued last summer. Autumn Leaf is the perfect perk up for when you’re feeling down and is so beautiful before bedtime to settle you off to sleep. Main ingredients include Bergamot Oil, Neroli Oil and Sandalwood Oil. This product is Vegan.


(Fireside Soap, Boo Luxury Bath Oil, Magic Wand Soap)

Fireside – £4.25 for 100g
Strange yet satisfying this brand new soap is key to warm you up, with Clove Bud and Vanilla to give it a hint of spice! Main ingredients include Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Pimento Berry Oil and Vanilla Absolute.

Boo – £3.50
This year Lush have really been pushing the boundaries with their Luxury Bath Oils and Boo is a perfect example. This is a mixture of a Bubble Bar and Oil and is big enough for just one bath, just squish in your hand and run under the tap for a white foggy water leaving you feeling spookily soft. Main ingredients include Cream of Tartar, Bergamot Oil, Geranium Oil, Ginger Oil and Sandalwood Oil. This product is Vegan.

Magic Wand – £3.50 for 100g
Super sweet just like candy, this soap will leave you smelling good enough to eat and with a fruity mix of fragrance to keep you feeling happy. Main ingredients include Tangerine Oil, Pomegranate Molasses and Charcoal. This product is Vegan.


(Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, Lord of Misrule Shower Cream and Goth Fairy Massage Bar)

Sparkly Pumpkin – $3.95
For all the glitter lovers – one touch of this product and you’ll be sparkling all day long. This Bubble Bar is a yearly favourite and people go crazy for it, it fills your bath with gorgeous orange sparkly bubbles and can be enjoyed in 2-3 baths depending on how much you prefer to use. Main ingredients include Cornflour, Juniperberry Oil, Lime Oil and Grapefruit Oil. This product is Vegan.

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream – £4.95 100g, £9.95 250g, £16.50 500g, £27.95 1kg
Customers are constantly asking for Lord of Misrule, it’s a winter favourite so much that they’re keeping this product up until Christmas time as it’s so popular. The Shower Creams are a favourite of mine due to their moisturising qualities, if you can’t get enough of this fragrance then run some through your hair and you’ll catch little hints of it all day long! Main ingredients include Wheatgerm Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Patchouli Oil and Vanilla Absolute. This product is Vegan.

Goth Fairy – £5.50
This incredibly moisturising bar is full of so much beautiful lustre to give your skin some serious sparkle. The cute fairy design makes it a gorgeous little treat, the massage bars are perfect for a pampering night in or a little bit extra on a night out. I’ve been known to even use this as a highlighter when I’m working on a shift! Main ingredients include Illipe Butter, Capuacu Butter, Bergamot Oil, Almond Oil and Grapefruit Oil. This product is Vegan.



Little Monster – £10.95
Products inside: Lord of Misrule Shower Cream and Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb
This Little Monster is packed full of fun with the much loved Halloween favourite Lord of Misrule and a brand new exclusive bath bomb for this year. The reusable packaging also doubles up as a
halloween decoration that can be hung up! This is a perfect and alternative treat to the obvious bucket load of sweets!


Pumpkin – £20.95
Products inside:  Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, Boo Luxury Bath Oil, Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Pumpkin Bath Bomb
This mixture of new and old products makes bathing an extra special experience, the perfect gift for a loved one – minus the Trick or Treat calories!  The best thing about this gift is how suitable it is for all people regardless of age and gender and that’s what makes it extra special. Make someones day with four lovely products and a reusable Knot Wrap to keep!

Fancy putting your own gift together? Take a look at the Halloween Knot Wraps to finish it off perfectly.
Calavera Knot Wrap – £3.75
Eyeballs Knot Wrap – £3.75
Moon Phases Knot Wrap – £4.50



  1. 5th October 2016 / 6:50 PM

    This is so cute, I don’t think I could use them.

    • 5th October 2016 / 6:53 PM

      Thank you for your comment lovely! In what way could you not use them? Maybe I could help and recommend certain products that might be suitable as I work for Lush myself!xxxx

      • 6th October 2016 / 6:27 PM

        Ahh thats great, what are your favourite products you would recommend? Oh no there is nothing wrong with them!! I just wouldn’t want to use them, because they look so nice xxx

        • 9th October 2016 / 8:15 AM

          Ah I understand! Some things do look too pretty to use but they’re even more visual in your bath! It really depends what type of products you would want me to recommend, for haircare New Shampoo, I Love Juicy and American Cream. Skincare has to be Mask of Magnaminty, Grease Lightening, Ultrabland and Catastrophe Cosmetic! I love the majority of the bath products but prefer Bath Bombs to Bubble Bars just from personal preference!xxxx

          • 9th October 2016 / 6:55 PM

            That is true thank you for your time, an putting that much information. I have made a list, I am looking forward to going into my local lush shop to try some of these xx

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