Our little girl is four months old, a whole third of a year has disappeared in the blink of an eye but my god we have enjoyed every single minute! As we are approaching October it has now been a whole year since I found out that I was going to be a Mum. This time last year I was a frightened wreck and we had just shared our news with our parents. Thinking back I had no idea how my pregnancy was going to pan out or where we would be a year from now. Paul and I now have our little girl, a house and we still have each other. Parenthood has been a massive adjustment and has definitely tested our relationship at times but we’ve come out stronger and I’m always so grateful for him and the family we have made together.

This month Evangeline has definitely found her voice, from her squeakiest squeaks to her infectious belly laughs. She is such a chatterbox and it’s hard to keep her quiet, she’s even been making sounds in her sleep which is equally both cute and very annoying at 4 am. She’s still super tiny and is still rocking some of her Newborn and First Size baby clothes, I’m glad we’ve got the wear out of them all to be honest because we had so much to get through due to her being so spoilt by our friends and family! We are still battling on with her teething and Sophie The Giraffe is her very best friend. On the positive side, she is still sleeping amazingly well and she gets at least 7 hours a night which definitely helps!

We started a new baby group on a Friday along with the one we already go to every Tuesday. I’ve definitely found it easier to speak to other Mums, at first I definitely held myself back but I’ve come to realise that we all have a lot in common and it’s good to share your experiences and have a little winge too! Even though Eve is still young it’s lovely to have her around babies of a similar age and shes started interacting with them so much more, she loves sitting on my knee and observing everyone around her. At 18 weeks we started to wean her with a little bit of porridge as she’s such a greedy girl, she absolutely loves it and it has been the perfect little addition to her day. Paul and I are so excited for December when we will finally be able to try her with lots of different types of food, it’s the perfect time of year with all of the Christmas buffets!

The best news of this month definitely has to be Paul’s new job, he was offered a position at a company meaning that he would now work Monday-Friday and we’re going to finally have our evenings and weekends together as a family. This is definitely what we needed and we are so excited for him to get his start date. I never knew that a routine would be something that would appeal to me but our lives have changed so much since Evangeline arrived and I can’t wait for our family time together. It’s amazing for Paul and Eve especially as they will have so much more time together, it’s hard enough with him having to leave for work every day but in his current job he can go days without hardly seeing her at all.

If you’ve enjoyed looking at the photographs then feel free to have a follow of Evangeline’s Instagram to keep up to date with the cute baby spam.


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