We are five months in and I’m in complete awe of the human being with we are raising. She is doing so fabulously well and is the most content little girl. This month has been full of so many adventures and we took advantage of the last free weekdays as a family before Paul started his new job. We took Evangeline to a local pottery studio and made her a Bumpkin which basically involved us painting her bum and pressing it on a plate. This was then decorated, put into a kiln and then turned into a pumpkin! It currently has pride of place in our living room and will do until she’s at least 45 years old – yes we’ve become those parents.

We’ve enjoyed so many firsts as a family which will hopefully go on to be yearly traditions. In the spirit of Halloween, we went pumpkin picking and chose some to take home and carve. We even managed to get some pictures of Eve inside a pumpkin which was definitely an experience that she did not enjoy! She had the perfect hair for a Stranger Things Halloween costume and was so excited to answer the door for trick or treaters that she refused to have her nap, a highlight was her throwing up all over the floor when we opened the door to about 10 children. Along with traditions we took Evangeline to her first firework show for Bonfire Night, she really wasn’t too bothered with them but looked she looked so cute and snug tucked up inside her snowsuit!

Although it’s October we took Eve to get her Christmas photographs shot by our Newborn photographer, it was all a bit too red and joyful for this time of year but we cannot wait to see them. I’m so impatient and I know we won’t receive them until November and will still then need to wait until December to post them but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait, our photographer is incredible and we are so glad that we booked her when I was pregnant. It was such a lovely experience to take her back to our photographer as the last time we were in the studio with her she was just 6 days old. We went two days after her final lot of injections and I was so nervous that she was going to be unwell or unsettled but she was such a good girl and really enjoyed herself!

The most challenging part of this month has definitely been the panic of starting to combi feed earlier than I had expected. For five months I’ve managed to provide Evangeline exclusively with my breastmilk which has been a massive achievement but unfortunately, I’ve had a drop in my supply so we have just started introducing her to formula. We are only a few days in and she’s doing really well but it’s going to be a long process to see what works for her and how she handles a massive change, we are hoping that everything is settled in time to start her weaning at 6 months!

If you’ve enjoyed looking at the photographs then feel free to have a follow of Evangeline’s Instagram to keep up to date with the cute baby spam.


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