I’m feeling so emotional that we’re already six months in, it’s such a massive milestone and I can’t believe how far we’ve come. Now she’s six months old I’m practically forcing her into her 3-6 wardrobe as I’m sick of the sight of her in-between size sleepsuits and the outfit repeating. I’m hoping that the weaning will fill her out a little bit! December has finally come and we are so excited for this month, not only is it Evangeline’s first Christmas but it’s also mine and Paul’s first Christmas living together too.

We decided to buy a real tree this year as it’s probably the only opportunity we will have due to Eve being up and on the move by next year. We filled the tree with decorations including some handmade baubles with Eve’s feet and handprints on and a little frame with her photograph in. Christmas is so much more magical when you’ve got a child so we’re so excited to pass on our family traditions to her and also start our own ones as our new family of three. We finally get to share Evangeline’s Christmas photographs too which I know our friends and family will love to see! We’ve bought some frames to have them displayed around the house and so we can store them away with our decorations too.

We’ve been doing some activities to get into the Christmas spirit whilst Daddy has been at work. I took Evangeline to a snow dome and we got the most gorgeous photographs, she was just big enough to fit into her reindeer snowsuit besides the ridiculously long arms! We weren’t going to take her to meet Santa purely because of the costs and the queues and the fact that she wouldn’t really be that bothered but we actually met him for free at one of the local Children’s Centers. Santa joined our Friday lunchtime baby group and read all of the children a story. Surprisingly not one baby cried and they were all happy to get photographs with him, Eve seemed to like him as he had a beard similar to Paul’s and a big fluffy pom pom on his hat!

Now she’s finally six months old we’ve pretty much fully weaned her onto formula, it’s been a process over the last 7 weeks and we’ve been swapping out a bottle every week or so. She’s doing really well with it and I’m glad that our first choice of formula has settled well in her tummy. I’m so glad that we didn’t overwhelm her with an instant change of milk and would definitely recommend the way we weaned her onto it if anyone is switching from breastmilk to formula. Until this point, she’s only tried pureed fruit and porridge to eat but we’re both nervous and excited to move her onto solids. I’m not quite sure on how she’ll react to them, especially seeing as she doesn’t have any teeth yet but we’ll have to wait and see!

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