|AD| My Tech Makeover With CaseApp

When it comes to my tech – I depend on my iPhone and MacBook for so much. They are items that I use every single day and they need to be protected at all costs. I was contacted by the brand CaseApp and asked if I was interested in collaborating with them and couldn’t wait to give my prized possessions a much needed tech makeover! It’s so easy to upgrade your tech without having to fork out the money for a new model – my MacBook is the perfect example of this. It has served me well for over 4 years so it’s obviously a bit tarnished. Over time it’s picked up little scratches and a dint on the bodywork of the lid but with my new laptop skin it was easily fixed!

Cactus Crazy iPhone XS Max Case – £19.00 & Cactus Crazy Macbook Skin – £22.00

There is so much product choice on the website and they have a wide range of phone, tablet, laptop models to suit so many customers needs. There is even a feature on the website that you can use to create personalised cases or skins. I was initially going to make my own but I completely fell in love with Wasu Thompson‘s work on the website and needed to have it for myself! I really appreciate how artists can showcase their work on the website and that they get full credit for all of their designs. Being part of the design industry I know exactly how frustrating it can be to not receive the right exposure or credit for hard work so it’s an incredible platform for artists to be a part of.

In terms of the products I recieved, I have been very impressed! The MacBook skin was so simple to apply, I just gave my laptop a good wipe down and a dry then applied it like a sticker. I’ve had it on my model for just over a week and had no experiences of it lifting off anywhere either. The phone case is a hard shell and such incredible quality, I’ve had so many people ask me where it’s from already too! I love the colour combinations from the designs and they’ll definitely brighten up any flat lays too.

This post contains gifted items. For more information please head over to my About & Contact page to read my disclosure statement.


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  1. Leah
    2nd April 2019 / 5:14 PM

    I did the same collab and I love the stuff, the case I’ve had for so long and it’s still perfect.

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