After a couple of attempts on different release dates in the queue I FINALLY did it and managed to purchase 7 of the Kylie Lip Kits! I did this by splitting my order between two release dates as you really have to be quick to get through the checkout. I’m gonna run through everything you need to know about the products, the pricing and the delivery process. I understand how hard the Kylie Lip Kits are to buy but with her expanding the range I’m hoping that they will soon be available for everyone to purchase without getting overly stressed and disappointed. No one wants to sit waiting to checkout for 23 minutes to then be told that everything has sold out (this happened to me the first time).

To get all of the information on the Kylie Cosmetics release dates you need to subscribe to her app, I already do this and it’s really helpful to find out exactly when you need to be ready and waiting at your screen to purchase. If you do not subscribe her app there are many Twitter and Instagram accounts that post her release dates and times as soon as they are announced onto the app! She usually posts the release date either on the day or the day before so you have some time to prepare and not enough time goes by for you to forget either. The re-stocks are usually on a weekly basis but usually not all of the products are available, it depends on the production of the products but all available products for specific dates are given to you. All sales of the products are final and returns are not accepted, however if you manage to purchase a shade that isn’t for you then I’m sure you’ll find someone who will want to purchase it through Depop, Ebay or any Social Networks that you use.


On Friday the 22nd of April I bought the shades Kourt K, Mary Jo K, Koko K and Dolce K. It took 13 days from my day of purchase to the day I got my delivery. The Lip Kits are priced at $29.00 each and it was $14.95 delivery. On this package I was charged a £12.44 customs charge that I had to pay then rearrange a delivery date for the package.

On Thursday 28th of April I bought the shades Candy K, Posie K and True Brown K. It took 14 days from my day of purchase to the day I got my delivery. The Lip Kits are priced at $29.00 each and it was $14.95 delivery. On this package I was not charged any customs fees. On both of my orders I received order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails and the parcels could be tracked, I was very happy with the tracking service and my packages both arrived in a fantastic condition.


Inside each package includes the products you ordered, foam to protect them, a note from Kylie and print out of the order receipt. I adore the lip kit packaging as it looks and feels expensive although they are at a bargain price. My first impressions were that they were smaller than I had expected but when I opened the product inside I was very happy with the size of the items.

The Lip Kits include two high quality products in one package, a matte liquid lipstick and a creamy lip liner in the same shade. The products are animal cruelty free and all of them are vegan excluding Candy K. When a celebrity brings out a product there’s always a large amount of media hype around it, everyone wants a piece of it and some products aren’t as good quality as you would expect at all. When I first heard that Kylie was launching a cosmetics line I had really hoped that it would be of the best quality and from the reviews and videos I have seen it definitely helped to encourage me to invest in these products.


The liquid lipsticks smell really sweet and the wands are longer than expected which I really like. The products are so simple to use but harder to remove, they can also break up and go bitty whilst you’re trying to take them off. Besides that the stay power is incredible, you can eat and drink and your lip colour doesn’t even shift which is exactly what I look for in a matte lip colour. I haven’t been disappointed at all in these products and the only bad thing is that I want more and there’s no more colours for me to buy. I didn’t purchase 22 as I really don’t suit orangey toned lipsticks and unfortunately Exposed wasn’t released when I made my orders. The glosses don’t appeal to me as I don’t like the stickiness of a gloss and I currently am waiting for the arrival of the Metals so keep your eye out for that blog post in the next week!

And here is what you’ve all been waiting for… Time for swatching! All photographs have been taken in natural light and without flash.

The Darkest Brown of the collection, perfect for a bold and dramatic lip colour. This shade would look great on any skin tone and it’s gorgeous for a sultry night time look.

A natural brown shade, I’ve worn this twice and have had so many compliments on it! This can be worn with any colour on your eyes, it’s a very versatile colour and is a perfect nude for me.

Dolce K and Candy K seem like very similar shades but as you can see they are noticeably different, Candy K has more of a pink tint to it, it’s such a unique deep nude shade.

You can’t go wrong with a red lip and Mary Jo K is such a gorgeous colour. It’s more of a blue toned red in comparison to an orange toned red which I prefer as it suits my fair skin fantastically.

The perfect pink/nude colour, great for the daytime and it goes with everything. This shade is the most natural of the collection but it’s so flattering on the lips.

I had imagined Posie K to be a bolder shade of pink but regardless of that this colour is stunning. In comparison to Koko it’s more a darker pink, an amazing colour for spring/summer.

A dark purple lip is a favourite of mine and Kourt K did not disappoint, I can’t wait to wear this on a night out. This shades formulae is a little bit different so you can build up the colour but after a few layers it’s the perfect statement lip colour.

Here are my top tips for placing an order on
Study the website and where the products are before a launch
Go onto the website about 3-5 minutes before the launch time
Don’t refresh the page, re-type the web address every time
Don’t get stressed!
Quick view the products to get them into your basket faster
Have your credit/debit card details ready and to hand
Once you get to the checkout the products are yours, stress over!
And if you don’t succeed the first time, then there’s always the week after.
Good luck!



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