Exciting news! Urban Decay have released a brand new collection inspired by the Alice Through The Looking Glass film, from this they have launched a brand new 20 shade eyeshadow palette and 5 lipsticks. They launched these products in the UK on the 5th of May, I was working on the day but it was my boyfriends day off so he kindly went to purchase me one at 9am when our local Debenhams opened. I am SO excited to use this palette and to play around with different looks. These products are Limited Edition so if you like what you see then I suggest you go and treat yourself as soon as possible!


The overall look and packaging of this product is faultless, from the kaleidoscope pattern on the lid to the jewellery box style opening on the inside. The inside features three Alice in Wonderland quotes, the mirror reads “We’re all mad here.” the pull out eyeshadow palette reads “I know who I was when I got up this morning? But I must have changed several times since then.” and the top reads “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” and opens up to reveal a butterfly. The inside of the palette is a mixture of clock patterns and a floral design. This is also included on the double ended brush inside the palette, this is a great tool to use and is similar to the brush found in the Urban Decay Naked palettes, one side is a fluffy end great for blending out colour and the other side is a flatter end yet still fluffy for packing on colour.



I am love with the choice of colours for the palette, there are so many different looks that you can create with it from gentle nudes to a serious pop of colour. Now let’s take a closer look at the shades, I’ve highlighted some of my favourite colours from the first look at the palette but my all time favourite has to be Cake, just look at that gorgeous pink!


Take a closer look – Shade breakdown
Looking Glass – Sheer baby pink, gorgeous for a subtle glow or to highlight your eyes.
Hatter – Deep and bold green, extremely pigmented for an intense look.
Lily – Pink nude shimmer, fantastic for the inner corners of your eyes.
Heads Will Roll – A gorgeous turquoise shimmer, very pigmented.
Time – SO PIGMENTED, darkest shade, so sparkly, I LOVE IT!!! 


Take a closer look – Shade breakdown
Reflection – Beautiful peachy tone, gorgeous in the crease of your eye for definition.
Gone Mad – Dark Purple shade with a hint of shimmer, fantastic for a dramatic eye look.
Duchess – A gentle nude/bronze shimmer shade, amazing to highlight any areas of your face or eyes.
Bandersnatch – Dark Blue, fab for a sultry dark smokey eye look, very blendable.
Dream On – A subtle purple shimmer, perfect for some nighttime glamour.


Take a closer look – Shade breakdown
Dormouse – Brick Orange/Brown shade, gorgeous for a warm smokey eye.
Paradox – Deep orange, great for a deep bronzy eye look.
Kingdom – Pink/Nude/Brown shimmer, stunning shade can’t compare it to anything I’ve used before!
Salazen Grum – FAVOURITE! This is so beautiful a gorgeous maroon shimmer.
Chronosphere – Dark Brown shimmer tone, fantastic for a nighttime glam look.


Take a closer look – Shade breakdown
Metamorphosis – Soft blue, very blendable and gorgeous for a subtle hint of colour.
Cake – Deep pink, perfect for a pop of colour to bring your eyes to life.
Chessboard – Soft matte brown, great for a nude smoke.
Royal Flush – White/Nude shimmer, lovely for a daytime makeup look.
Mirror – Silver/Grey shimmer, fab for a softer smokey eye.


Here is a size comparison of the newest palette compared to a Naked Palette. As you can see it’s pretty much double the size, the product pans are larger and it’s more of a square than a rectangle so although it may be harder to fit into a bag on the go it’s definitely worth it! The palette is priced at £43, when you compare that to the price of any of the Naked palettes it’s a complete bargain, not only is there more product inside but you also 20 shades to choose from than the 12 you get inside a Naked palette for just £5 more!


I was intending on purchasing the lipsticks but after seeing a few swatches from different bloggers such as Temptalia I decided that they weren’t worth the investment, plus I have very similar colours with a better quality finish from different brands. I had expected them to be a more vibrant and pigmented in colour like the palette shades but the finish of them wasn’t what I expected at all, I would have loved if they have included a shimmer in the Lipsticks just to make them individual! I don’t want to be negative as some people may love these lipstick and the finish of them but for me personally I wasn’t going to spend £80 on something purely to blog about and never get round to using the products! If you are interested in them I would definitely take a look at the link above for an in depth review and I might just change my mind if I get round to trying them myself.

All in all I am thoroughly impressed with the palette so far from swatching to the all over look of the product. I will be posting some looks created with the palette in the future so keep an eye out!



  1. alenka85
    26th May 2016 / 2:04 PM

    Nice colors 🙂

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