The Naked palette collection by Urban Decay is extremely popular and continues to be even years after the launch of the original Naked Palette. With a choice between four it can be difficult if you’re a first time buyer, hopefully this will help you make a decision on what you think is better suited to your individual makeup style! I strangely purchased my palettes backwards from the order in which they were released but I’ve been consistently happy and amazed with how much you can do with them and love playing and experimenting with new looks!

Each palette comes with a cruelty free double sided brush, with a fluffy end for blending and a flat end for packing on colour, the flat end is fantastic for applying colour to your lower lash line and to experiment with cut crease looks. I enjoy using the brush on the go but I prefer to use my Morphe Eye Brushes to give my makeup the perfect finish. Each palette comes with a mirror inside which is great to use on the go, the mirrors get gradually bigger as the newer palettes have been released – I’ve coloured them out on the photographs to focus more on the product inside! Please note that all of my palettes have been used and cleaned up as best as I could but you may see some tiny specs of product in the photos, all besides the original Naked palette as I purchased it last week and haven’t had the time to use it yet!



Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Virgin – Matte shade with a highlight effect, great to use under your brow bone.
Sin – Baby pink shimmers, perfect for the inner corners of your eyes
Naked – Matte nude shade, a fab colour base depending on your skin tone.
Sidecar – Metallic nude/orange shade, a gorgeous pop of colour.
Buck – Matte darker nude shade, a fab colour base depending on your skin tone.
Half Baked – Gold shimmery dreams in an eyeshadow, perfect to make your eyes pop!


Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Smog – A golden brown shimmer great for the inner corners of your eyes or as a highlighter.
Darkhorse – Grey shimmer, amazing to define your lower lash line.
Toasted – A nude pink shimmer perfect for a natural makeup look.
Hustle – A matte dark brown for a warming and sultry look.
Creep – Perfect dark smokey eye shade with a hint of shimmer.
Gunmetal – Perfect lighter smokey eye shade with a hint of shimmer.



Some people say original is best? I’ll let you be the judge of that! This palette is a mixture of gold-hued colours with matte, satin, shimmer and sparkle textures. The first half of the palette completely covers you for a natural dewey daytime eye look with ease, the second half introduces a mixture of colours to compliment any look. The eyeshadows are so easy to blend and to use together, the packaging for this product is a velvet covered palette, it feels luxurious to hold and I’m hoping that it can stay as clean as it currently is.



Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Foxy – Banana matte shade that can be used on the eyes or to highlight.
Half Baked – Gold shimmery dreams in an eyeshadow, perfect to make your eyes pop!
Bootycall – Palest pink matte shade, fantastic for under the brow bone.
Chopper – Rusted orange shimmer for a pop of colour in a nude smoke.
Tease – Purple/Grey matte colour for a darker eyeshadow base.
Snakebite – A dark rust shimmer, perfect for a dramatic shimmery smoke.


Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Suspect – Nude shimmer, great to use to highlight certain areas of the eyes and face.
Pistol – Dark grey/silver perfect for a toned down smokey eye.
Verve – Silver/grey shimmer, great for highlighting or toning down deeper colours.
YDK – Pink toned nude shimmer, gorgeous for the inner corners of your eyes.
Busted – Beautiful purple tone, great to use under your waterline.
Blackout – Darkest black with a hint of sparkle for a perfect smokey eye.



This palette is a perfect neutral selection of shades, it’s an amazing pallet to start with if you’ve got pale skin as the colours work so well to compliment it. This pallet can take you from day to night depending on what shades you choose to wear and blend together. I love the silvery shades in the palette and it again has some matte and shimmer colours to work with too. It’s packaged in a tin so is very hard wearing and keeps everything firmly inside.



Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Strange – Lightest matte shade, a fantastic colour base.
Dust – Great shimmer tone perfect for the inner corners of your eyes.
Burnout – Nude/Pink shade, gorgeous for a natural cut crease.
Limit – Pink matte colour base, beautiful for a daytime look.
Buzz – Deep pink for a feminine and sultry look.
Trick – Orange/Bronze shade for a pop of colour and warmth to the eyes.


Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Nooner – Mauve/Deep pink matte shade for a natural smoke.
Liar – A perfect shade for a bronzed glow.
Factory – Brown/Nude shade, gorgeously subtle and natural.
Mugshot – A deeper brown shimmer, beautiful from day to night.
Darkside – Darker nude shade, great for experimenting with a cut crease.
Blackheart – Darkest shimmer tone, great for a smokey eye and easily 
blendable to soften the colour.



This is probably my favourite Naked palette to use for any daytime makeup looks, the colours in this palette are so beautiful and work fantastically with dewey highlighted skin. With a rose hue colour scheme this is again completely different from the first two palettes you have seen. I love the selection of the shimmery tones, this palette includes 12 completely new shades and the colours work so well together with amazing staying power. The packaging again is a tin with a textured pattern and a gorgeous rose-gold colour to compliment the colours on the inside!



Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
High – This is amazing on your brow bone, to highlight or on the inner corners of your eyes.
Dirtysweet – A golden dewey glow for some day time glamour.
Radar – A light brown shimmer, natural and subtle.
Armor – Grey/Silver shimmer, great for a dramatic eye look.
Slanted – Silver/Blue shade, perfect for a lighter toned shimmer.
Dagger – Matte blue shade, beautiful for a subtle hint of colour.


Take a closer look – Shade Breakdown
Black Market – Darkest black shade with shimmer, for a major smoked look.
Smolder – Purple shimmer, a gorgeous pop of colour on your eyes.
Password – Perfect matte grey base colour, great lighter smokey eye shade.
Whiskey – A brown matte shade, fantastic for a nude smoke.
Combust – Matte nude shade, a fab colour base depending on your skin tone.
Thirteen – Lightest matte shade, great to use under your brow bone or as a base colour.



And the final pallet of the collection is the Smoky palette! This is clearly obvious for what it should be ideally used for i.e. a smoky eye look, although this palette can create a range of different smoky eyes from a dark intense style to a softer and natural smoke. The shimmer tones and perfect for a hint of glamour or a night time look. The packaging is a transparent blacked out plastic and I love the Smoked textured design.

When it comes to the shades I’ve simply suggested ways to use the particular colour, there are so many different things that you could do to experiment with these palettes whether it be the one palette or more than one to build up a collection. Just one palette in your bag can work absolute wonders on the go and has endless possibilities of looks and styles to play with! There are many dupes of Naked palettes on the internet or cheaper alternatives, I’d say it’s completely up to you with what you prefer, I had tried alternatives before I had purchased any of the palettes but after using my first palette I didn’t look back. They are definitely an investment for the price but the product inside seems to last forever so it’s well worth the £39.50 price tag.



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