I cannot believe that it’s exactly two weeks until Mother’s Day and my second ever Mother’s Day as a parent. Mother’s Day has always been one of my favourite celebrations of the year as my family are extremely close and it usually involves spending the majority of the day with four generations of my Mum, Sister, Grandma and our babies. My Mum’s house usually looks like a florist and we try and scramble for a family photo but honestly the struggle is real with 4 children aged 1-8 who do not want to keep still or look in the same direction at the same time!

I am honoured to have collaborated with a number of incredible brands to put together a beautiful selection of gift ideas. All of the products in this post were kindly gifted to me and I’m so excited to talk more about the brands and give them the spotlight that they deserve! I’ve featured a mixture of small businesses and big brands to get a range of prices/industries/ideas so let’s dive right into it!

The Birth Poster – Poster €60.00 – Frame €25.00

The Birth Poster is a brand that I feel extremely lucky to be working with and it was a huge compliment that they chose to collaborate and work with me! They create 1:1 scale artwork of your baby when they were born. Evangeline may be my only baby so having a keepsake like this will forever be treasured. You quickly forget just how tiny your precious bundle was and that is the beauty of this gift – it’s something that I can show her in years to come. The website is so simple to navigate through, there are 10 different illustration options and the background colour can also be changed for a pop of colour when displayed in a room! When it came to inputting the information I had to take a minute and message her Dad to 100% confirm that I had remembered her weight and time of birth properly! I obviously did but when you’re getting something printed in black and white you start to second guess and double-checking is always the best option. I selected a black poster hanger, I love this additional feature and it works by using magnets so the paper isn’t damaged. The brand is based in Stockholm and they offer free worldwide delivery. I ordered to the UK and it arrived within a week via DHL. I also received tracking information via email and texts to keep me updated on my delivery and to give me peace of mind! The poster was really simple to pop in the frame and hang and it’s completely transformed the little corner of my home.

Sugar Dance Gang – Small Selena Candle £6.50 – Large Selena Candle £10.00

If it’s interiors that your special lady loves then these are the perfect finishing touch to a home. Sugar Dance Gang is a small local business based in Blackpool where I live, it’s a brand run by Becki, one of the loveliest humans that I have the pleasure of knowing and being friends with! She is a super creative and is consistently creating new colour-ways and ranges that are perfect in any home. All of the candles are hand-dipped and varnished, they are then carefully packaged up ready to go to their new homes. It’s personal preference if you want to light them but they are so pretty that I’d want to keep hold of them forever! There are so many colour options from soft pastels to bold pops of colour and marbling effect is so on-trend for homewares. If you’re into watching process videos then you need to give them a follow on Instagram to keep updated, it makes for some very therapeutic watching! I would quite happily fill my home with these and it’s definitely a gift that my Mum would adore on her fireplace. To contribute to a small business is a reward in itself so this brand is definitely one to watch for the future!

Buckley London – Mama Locket – £25.00

The next gift idea is this absolute gem of a necklace from Buckley London. I can honestly say that I haven’t had this off since it was opened! It’s the perfect length to go with tops/shirts/dresses and I’ve loved layering it with other shorter length necklaces. It comes packaged in a hexagon-shaped box, I’m definitely going to keep this to store little jewellery treasures and it’s perfect for keeping things safe if you’re travelling. The website currently has a designated Mother’s Day section where you can browse through a range of jewellery pieces in gold, silver and rose gold, it’s so simple to find the perfect gift for the special Mama in your life! The necklace is silver plated with the word mama engraved into it, it’s surrounded by stars with crystals that catch the light so beautifully. It’s a circular locket design which opens up to an engraved interior of stars, Evangeline is named after a star so this is such a personal touch that I adore! It’s £25 which I find a really reasonable price and this would be great depending on budgets as a stand-alone gift or to accompany some other presents!

Suck It And Say – Blue Swirls Mother’s Day Lollipop – £4.95

If you’re wanting a greetings card with a difference which will also help to save the planet then Suck It And Say will have the perfect addition to your Mother’s Day treats. This one was too sweet for Evangeline to give up! The brand saw a massive gap in the market in regards to greetings cards being disposed of within 1-2 weeks of use and were concerned about the impact to the environment. Purchasing their products means it’s both an edible gift and says everything you would need it to, the designs on the website are beautiful and there’s something suitable for everyone. They create lollies for a number of different occasions that come in a huge choice of flavours and colours. If your Mama is adventurous they even have boozy options that are made with real alcohol for an extra treat. These would be perfect inside a bouquet of flowers or in the hands of a toddler person on Mother’s Day morning, but I will warn you that they’re not easy to take back off them!

Greater Skies – Digital download map £29 – Printed map £59+ with framing options

The next featured brand is Greater Skies, a brand that turns the stars into a gift! To create your map you simply choose a place, date and time that you want to capture and the website shows you the sky, stars, planets, moon, sun and constellations at that special moment. The event that I chose was the date that Eve was born and the sky above us on our first evening together as Mum and baby. As I mentioned earlier, I was inspired by the Disney film The Princess And The Frog when it came to choosing Evangeline’s name. In the film, Evangeline is a star that is described as the most beautiful thing the character Ray has ever seen. When choosing the text I decided to take a chunk of the song ‘Ma Belle Evangeline’ from the film as it went so perfectly with the print. The customisable features of the maps are endless and you have full control of what you want to include on your poster. There are so many different design and colour options making it suitable wherever you choose to display it in your home! When you order there are price options that vary depending on your preferences, I was gifted a digital download which was emailed to me straight away. When I went to download it there were multiple options of the size/spec of the print so it is really simple to do yourself at home or to take to a print shop. I actually popped into a local photography shop and had it printed for £10 which was really reasonable for the size I selected and I’m so happy with the quality of the print.

The Token Hunter – Geometric Bangle £24.00 – Brooches £20.00 – Love Heart Keychain £18.00

The final brand of the lot genuinely brought me to tears when I took a look through what I had been kindly sent. The Token Hunter is run by Heather who will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day this year as she is pregnant! She creates the most beautiful treasures that capture photos, places and locations in pieces of jewellery. The brand offer an extensive range of options from pin badges, key rings, charms, necklaces and bracelets, all with your precious memories added into them! Everything I recieved was so personal and included some of my favourite images that have ever been captured. The key chain is so special as that was such a wonderful time in our lives as parents, I’m going to keep it for Evangeline as a keepsake for when she’s older. I genuinely think this is one of the loveliest small businesses to support and the range of products would make the most stunning gifts for your loved ones. My Mum came round about an hour after me opening the package and she was nearly in tears herself, it really had that emotional impact that you hope for from a gift and I am going to keep these pieces safe as I absolutely adore them!

And that’s it for my round-up of gift options/ideas for the big day, with just two weeks to go it’ll start to be a scramble for that perfect present! I hope this leaves you feeling inspired and figuring out how to drop those not-so-subtle hints for your loved ones to pick up on. Thank you once again to the brands that were involved. It is an absolute pleasure to create content with such beautiful and precious items!



  1. Leah
    9th March 2020 / 6:33 AM

    These are all really amazing ideas! Well done such a good guide!

  2. 9th March 2020 / 7:01 AM

    Some amazing gift ideas on here, a great guide xx

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